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Antique Values: Knowing the Basics
                  Collecting Animal Figurines and Mementoes

                                                    present a lot easier and not too
                                                    costly.  The cats pictured with this
                                                    article are among the Bassetts’
                                                    most prized collectables.  The sil-
                                                    ver cat on the Tiffany bag is
                                                    signed Tiffany and is sterling and
                                                    worth over $250.  The burgundy
                                                    cat is a 1928 piece of Rookwood
                                                    pottery and worth nearly $200.
                                                    The other figurines were made by
                                                    such well-known companies as
                                                    Royal Doulton, Van Briggle pot-
                                                    tery, Fenton Glass Co. and Lenox
                                                    China.  These are worth in the
                                                    neighborhood of $25 to $40 each.
                                                    But I promise you we have some
                                                    of the $2 and $3 figurines.
                                                       This column has oftentimes
                                                    encouraged readers to help kids
                                 by Tom Bassett     start collecting something.  A col-
                  We love our pets and the fig-     lection of animal figurines could
               urines that depict just how love-    be a great introduction into the joy
               able they are.  Lots of people col-  of collecting.  Happy figurine hunt-
               lect anything that depicts a dog or  ing.
               a cat or some other
               animal.  Small fig-
               urines (4” or smaller)
               can be purchased at
               antique shops, tag
               sales, garage sales
               or auctions for less
               than $3 (or a lot more
               if you wish).  The
               cats shown with this
               article fall into the
               “more” than $3 cate-
               gory, quite a bit more.
               They are easy to buy, fun to col-       Tom lives in Lincoln and is a
               lect, are plentiful and don’t take   member of the New England
               up a lot of room on your book-       Appraisers Association
               shelf until you try to corner the    To see previous articles by Tom,
               market.                              visit his web site
                  We have a pet cat and she is
               part of the family. So, we have      and go to “Articles by Tom.”
               purchased a few dozen cat fig-
               urines.  My wife has several
               cat brooches and a pendant
               or two.  Collecting things
               that depict a cat or a dog are
               at the top of the list for col-
               lectable animals.  Of course,
               some people prefer to col-
               lect figures of horses, ele-
               phants, chickens, dolphins,
               birds, pigs, giraffes, etc.
                  A little research on EBay
               shows which animal fig-
               ures are among the most
               collectable.  Dog fig-
               urines lead the way with
               53,400 for sale, cats with
               20,600, birds with
               16,200, elephants with
               15,100, lions with
               10,400, horses with
               9,300 and whales with
               9,000.  Some collectors
               get a little more specific.
               Many dog collectors only
               collect hunting dogs or a
               specific breed.             Bassetts' Appraisal Service
               Elephant collectors are             We Appraise & BUY
               divided into two groups
               – trunk up and trunk         Coins - Old Jewelry - Antiques
                  If a close friend or    
               relative happens to col-
               lect a certain type of               402-484-8143                          What Year do you think?
               animal figure, it can
               make shopping for a

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