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The Steadfast Tin Soldier

                                                                                            A boy receives a box of twenty-five
                                                                                         tin soldiers. All the soldiers are alike
                                                                                         except for the last one, which is miss-
                                                                                         ing a leg. This soldier falls in love with
                                                                                         a paper ballerina cut-out, since she her
                                                                                         fancy ballerina pose also makes it look
                                                                                         like she's only got one leg.
                                                                                            At night, a jack-in-the-box catches
                                                                                         the soldier staring at the ballerina and
                                                                                         threatens him. The next day, the soldier
                                                                                         is set near the window and falls out.
                                                                                            Some orphans pick up the soldier,
                                                                                         put him in a newspaper boat, and let
                                                                                         him float down into the gutter. A fish
                                                                                         swallows the soldier, but the fish is
                                                                                         caught and gutted. Luckily this hap-
                                                                                         pens in the house where the soldier
                                                                                         lives, so just like that, he's back home
                                                                                         with his great love, the one-legged-
                                                                                         looking ballerina.
                                                                                            The soldier and the ballerina stare at each other wordlessly, and
                                                                                         something passes between them.
                                                                                            Suddenly, one of the boys grabs the soldier and throws him in the
                                                                                         stove; the jack-in-the-box probably had something to do with this. The
                                                                                         soldier steadfastly holds onto his gun and continues to look at the bal-
                                                                                         lerina. A lucky breeze carries the ballerina into the stove too.
                                                                                            The next morning, the maid opens the stove and finds a little tin
                                                                                         heart and a metal spangle from the ballerina's dress.

                                                                                          Dozens of spayed/neutered kittens available for adoption

                                                                                          In the market for an adorable kitten? Long haired, short
                                                                                       haired, any color? You can help our community and save a
                                                                                       life when you adopt right now.
                                                                                          Joining Forces Saving Lives (JFSL) is a Lincoln non-profit that’s
                                                                                         caught, spayed/neutered, ear tipped and vaccinated over 670 outdoor
                                                                                         and feral cats in the past two years. Through a trap-neuter-return
                                                                                         (TNR) program, Joining Forces Saving Lives reduces unwanted litters
                                                                                         and colony size, sheltered animals, and nuisance behaviors like roam-
                                                                                         ing or fighting.
                                                                                            Here’s how you can help: Sometimes in the process of trap-neuter-
                                                                                         return, JFSL finds kittens, sweet creatures that turn feral if not adopted.
                                                                                         Right now, the group has over 100 of these friendly, loving kittens, ready
                                                                                         for a good life with you.  Will you help Lincoln by adopting a kitten today?
                                                                                            Joining Forces Saving Lives is an all-volunteer organization founded
                                                                                         in 2012 with the goal of helping Lincoln become a No Kill community for
                                                                                         cats and dogs. With the support of groups like Maddie’s Fund and gener-
                                                                                         ous individuals, JFSL returns 100% of all donations toward saving lives
                                                                                         through trap-neuter release, vet care, and a barn/working cat program.
                                                                                            The working cat program places unadoptable cats, those not suited for
                                                                                         indoor life, in the backyards of families looking to control their rodent pop-
                                                                                         ulations without the use of poison. In exchange for daily food, water, and
                                                                                         shelter, the cats provide a helpful service. A similar barn cat program
                                                                                         places unadoptable cats into barns. Between November 2018 and
                                                                                         August 2019 JFSL placed 101 cats into barn homes.  If you are interest-
                                                                                         ed in a kitten please call or text us at 402 937 9959 or email at
                                                                                All kittens will be spayed/
                                                                                         neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, dewormed and treated for fleas. We
                                                                                         ask for a small fee to cover some of the medical expenses.

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