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Artists for Serving Hands, a Public Art Project                         Artists for Serving Hands, a Public Art Project

                  Serving Hands is a public art     and progress” over several
               project celebrating the 50th         months of creating the
               anniversary of Campus Life. It       sculptures!
               features six-feet-tall fiberglass
               hand sculptures and is modeled
               after other public art projects
               such as Lincoln’s Tour de
               Lincoln (bike sculptures). The
               artwork will be on display in
               Lincoln and Ashland, Nebraska,
               through October 21, 2019.
                  On Thursday, October 24th,
               beginning at 11:00 a.m., all 51
               Serving Hands sculptures will be
               on display in front of Pinnacle
               Bank Arena; an opportunity to
               see the sculptures, one more
               time, meet many of the Artists
               and purchase a commemorative                                                      Futuristic Design
               book about the Project, as well
               as merchandise inspired by
               Serving Hands.                          Inspiration for “Monarch            High Level Happiness, a              High Level Happiness is host-
                  Additionally, from 4 – 7 p.m.,    Butterfly - Metamorphosis of        Lincoln-based nonprofit, is build-   ing a Treebnb Fundraising
               many activities will be offered to   Life” represents Campus Life        ing a livable space called a         Kickoff on September 29th, 1:00
               create a fun Family atmosphere,      organization’s mentorship giving    Treebnb south of downtown! The       – 4:00 PM at the actual site of
               including:   Staff and volunteers    teenagers guidance to spread        structure will be a two-story, 13'   the first small model of a
               from the Lincoln Children’s          and lift their wings like the       X 24' clean energy space that will   Treebnb, 1247 11th Street. There
               Museum offering face-painting        butterfly as they evolve into       be used for overnight lodging.       will be a silent auction, music,
               and other fun activities; Gina and   maturity and to help lift their     More important, the treebnb will     and activities for kids. White Elm
               Joe, hosts of B107.3’s Morning       confidence. The butterfly and       be tucked inside a gated, nature-    Brewery is providing their fabu-
               Show will be on hand providing       wild sunflowers reflect the         immersed space that will provide     lous beer.  (Five dollars purchas-
               on-site commentary and music;        opportunity to experience           respite and restoration right in     es two drink tickets.) JuJu’s
               Twisters creating balloon            nature’s beautiful calm             the heart of the city. Treebnb will  Vegan Cuisine will be available
               sculptures (5 – 7 p.m.); and a       environment and the support of      offer a one-of-a kind stay for       for food purchases.
               Scavenger Hunt with prizes.          healthy relationships!              locals or city visitors who may         High Level Happiness CEO
                  On Friday, October 25th, all                                          not have experienced the bene-       Carolyn Butler says, “We’re
               51 dynamic and imaginative                                               fits of a nature-enriched environ-   fundraising, but we’re also friend-
               works of art (39 six-foot                                                ment.                                raising. A project of this scope
               sculptures and 12 small-scale                                               High Level Happiness is using     will only come together if we
               models) will be sold to the                                              a pay-it-forward model, where a      have passionate community part-
               highest bidder. Created by                                               paying lodger will help cover the    ners and committed team mem-
               Nebraska Artists the works are                                           expenses of a night for someone      bers on board. We hope the
               symbolic of the heart of service                                         in our community who has expe-       community will come out to sup-
               shared by so many individuals                                            rienced hardship (bullying,          port it.” With the potential and
               throughout the State of                                                  abuse, discrimination). The          flexibility of the project, the
               Nebraska. Each will be sold to                                           Project aspires to enhance the       organization is open to more
               the highest bidder at Pinnacle                                           health and well-being of             partnerships and team members
               Bank Arena!  Doors open at 5                                             Lincolnites by offering a new        who are passionate about nature,
               p.m., with the Auction                                                   model for “getting out in nature,”   giving back to the community and
               commencing at 7.  Admission is                                           one that leads to spending more      joyful innovation.  Contact
               free and everyone is invited to                                          time in lush native environments     Carolyn at carolyn@highlevel-
               attend, whether you want to bid                                          closer to where we live and work or 402-219-3066
               or just watch.  One-third of the                                         every day.                           for more information.
               bid amount for each sculpture will      Inspiration for “Climbing           Design-Build architecture
               go to the Artist, with the           Rose - High Aspirations”            students built a treebnb
               remainder going to Campus Life.      reflects the encouragement that     mock-up that currently sits on
                  Campus Life has invested          Campus Life organization gives      the build site to show how
               positively in the lives of young     to teenagers for climbing to their  reclaimed ash trees will be
               people by engaging youth in          highest achievements.  The rose     incorporated into the struc-
               healthy relationships, guiding       in full bloom reflects the growth   ture. In addition to nature
               them in making good decisions,       in fulfillment of their             immersion and respect for our
               helping them positively impact       accomplishments. The rose buds      local environment, design fea-
               their schools and ultimately build   represent the dreams of their       tures within the treebnb will
               a solid foundation for life.         aspirations!   Colors depicted      provide hands-on, applicable
                  Auction Questions, Liz Shea-      within the background also          examples of renewable ener-
               McCoy, Serving Hands, Project        symbolize the encouragement         gy resources for daily life.
               Director (402) 430-5923 or           that Campus Life gives to teens:       This Treebnb will be our
                   The Blue represents “sky is the     first treehouse and more sus-
                                                    limit,” the Yellow represents the   tainable community treehous-
                  From Artist Darlene Jensen:       “warm mentoring,” and the Green     es will follow! Lincoln is a city
                  What inspired me to create        represents help in building a solid  on the rise and the perfect
               sculptures for this Lincoln          foundation for life.  Included in   place for a nation-wide exam-
               Community Art Project? I was         the greenery is “50” representing   ple of a fun,
               inspired by the celebration of       the acknowledgment of               interactive
               Campus Life’s 50 years of            celebrating Campus Life’s 50        treehouse in
               service and their impact on          years of Service in the             an urban set-
               teenagers’ lives. I was also         community.                          ting.
               attracted to the beauty of the          Darlene Jansen
               polyurethane-molded “Serving            Darlene Jansen Art Studio
               Hands “ itself!.  From 175    
               Nebraska artist proposals for the       Serving Hands Auction of 51
               six-foot “Serving Hands”
               Community Art Project, 82
               proposals were selected.  39
               sculptures were sponsored.
                  I’ve created murals and
               sculptures; however, not a 150
               pound-size before. The hands
               are six feet wide and six feet tall
               with a two-foot base.  My primary
               artwork is watercolor paintings
               and this art project took a little
               more energy; but very rewarding
               for the creativity and the special
               cause!  I have weekly adult
               painting classes in my studio and
               enjoyed having the opportunity to
               share with them my “procedures

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