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Rotary Reads at Everett by Keith Larsen

                                                                                        A report to Rotary about read-   told us that there are no other
                                                                                     ing to pre-schoolers at Everett.    groups who are reading to the
                                                                                        Mike Wortman and I read a        kids or giving them books to own.
                                                                                     story about vegetables wearing      I do hope we will continue the
                                                                                     underwear today. This was truly     program next fall.
                                                                                     uncharted territory for us but we      We also got a very nice thank
                                                                                     got by just fine. It was the final  you from Kylee Doremus, Family
                                                                                     reading of the school year for      Educator at Everett Elementary.
                                                                                     pre-school at Everett and the kids  It seems important to Rotary to
                                                                                     were very happy to see us. They     receive her thanks with grace an
                                                                                     are so engaged and seemed to        appreciation. The Principle is
                                                                                     know all their vegetables. They     Rotary member Mike Long. He
                                                                                     laughed appropriately at the tiger  also expresses great appreciation
                                                                                     print underwear worn by the cel-    every time we are there.
                                                                                     ery. What fun!                         Comments included, “Oh
                                                                                        Afterwards, the teachers pre-    Keith! What a wonderful way to
                                                                                     sented us with a photo of all the   end the Read Aloud Program this
                                                                                     children. Their class image was     year! I will have to check out that
                                                                                     pasted onto the front of a collec-  book too... it sounds hilarious!!”
                                                                                     tion of drawings done by each of          Please know this....
                                                                                     the kids. I texted you a copy of          Kids Love to read!
                                                                                     Mike holding the book. This is a
                                                                                     nice memento that I will bring to
                                                                                     Club Tuesday to pass around.
                                                                                        The photo shows each of the
                                                                                     kids holding up one of the books
                                                                                     that we read to them. They
                                                                                     showed us many of the 25 books
                                                                                     that were provided by Rotary for
                                                                                     them to take home. The teacher

                                 NEBRASKA TEAMWORK PINS
               Excerpts from GWYNETH ROBERTS, Journal Star
               While running for the District 30 seat last fall, Don Schuller came up with an
            idea of an emblem that represents the Legislature. So he has taken an emblem he
            had created for his campaign — Republicans and Democrats working together
            — and is continuing to encourage unity....
                                             Both parties need to work together to go forward,
                                          Schuller said after the election. If the team isn't
                                          working together then the wagon doesn't go any-
                                             "I'm a strong believer in that. I'm an independent
                                          thinker," he said. "I'm a registered Democrat but I
                                          still believe in doing what's best for the people. And I
                                          know that's what the intent of the unicameral is."
               In the past few years, the country has been divided, he said. This emblem could
            portray an attitude of working together.
               The From Nebraska Gift store in the Haymarket has these special lapel pins for
            sale for $7 each. Here is the link to the site for Nebraska Teamwork apparel and
            the souvenir lapel pin and pillow box. Also - look for more items at:

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