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                  2  - Page 2 Feature .................. Fund Raisers                  23 - Coffee with an Elephant .... Robbie Nathan

                  4  - Guest Artist ............................ Audrey Greve          23 - Pets ................................ Allison Hunter-Frederick
                  5  - From the Editor                                                 23  - 55+ Senior Values - Discounts
                  6  - News / Events                                                   24 - Memories of ............................. Jeanette Larsen
                  7  - A Backwards Glance ... Jo Ann Wagner                            24 - Aging Partners ..................... Randall S. Jones

                  7  - Book Review ........................ Linda Stephen              24 - Life Coach ................................... Georgia Feiste
                  8  - Church Listings ...... Hosts for 55+  issues                    25 - Lincoln Libraries .......................... Gail McNair
                  8  - A Culture of Caring................ Karla Frese                  Pages 9-10 and 19-22.        - Calendar -
                 12 - Antique Values ....................... Tom Bassett                 Special Events - Music / Performing Arts - Entertainment /

                16 - City of Lincoln.. Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird                        Books - Lectures / Museums - Sports / Wineries / Clubs /
                                                                                         Support Groups / Out of Town

                  From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                              Cover Art by Audrey Greve

                                                 confusing terminology. Once an         As a child I drew family members, and now I mess with oils.  And I
                                                 article is accepted, we try to run it  do mean  "mess." Faces and figures remain the most challenging and
                                                 as soon as we can.                  the I put paint on the canvas and move it around, I'm always hoping for
                                                    Another aspect of our success    the moment when somebody more than real looks back at me.  And
                                                 comes from my long-time mem-        the human being there on the canvas hopefully distills something about
                                                 bership in Lincoln’s Downtown       who we all are.  Maybe it's stubbornness in the set of the shoulders or
                                                 Rotary #14 Club. The 55+ has        the grace of the hands.
                                                 been able to ask members and           When I worked on a portrait of Lincoln, I wanted to show him smil-
                                                 friends for stories from a wide     ing.  People who knew him said he had a wonderful sense of humor,
                                                 array of businesses and back-       but the many photo portraits are all sober.  They do, however, show
                                                 grounds. I highly recommend peo-    laugh lines, and I worked from these.
                                                 ple of all ages to join a service      This portrait is of Walt Whitman a great poet.
                                                 club. The benefit comes from the       One of my favorite artists is Picasso because of his brains and skill
                                                 relations and awareness that        and the way his art kept changing.  Then in the 1990's  I saw a huge
                                                 comes from knowing so many          and wonderful show of impressionist paintings in Paris that irrevocably
                                                 people. “Service above Self” (the   got me painting because of the dazzling use of color. But
                                                 Rotary motto) is secretly one of       Pierre Bonnard stood out even there. I wish more people could see
                                                 the best ways to grow and find      his work in person. Before that show, art was just something I liked to
                                                 meaning in life.                    do.  I expect this is true for a whole lot of people.  But seeing it made
                                                    A third reason why the Seniors   me fully aware that it is possible to be truly challenged for a lifetime by
               In June of 2006, the new          Paper succeeded is due to a long-   the demands of making art.
            owner of this Seniors Paper was      time partnership with the Osher
            just getting started. Previous       Lifelong Learning Institute at UNL.
            owner, Mark Martin had devel-        In January, 2007 Deanna Eversol
            oped a solid clientele to support    announced that Lincoln, Nebraska
            the costs and was creating a great   could get a Million Dollar endow-
            paper. I always said that if you     ment which would be used to pro-
            want to run a successful business,   vide personal enhancement class-
            buy one that is already working      es and continued educational
            and then “Don’t mess it up.”         opportunities for Senior Citizens.
               Here we are now in our 14th          But there was a problem. OLLI
            year and still going strong. Big     needed to increase our member-
            income was never a goal. We are      ship from 284 to 500 in order to
            satisfied to earn enough to afford   earn the full endowment. Time
            a little extra travel.               was short as the last of three
               In our first issues, we filled 24  $100,000 grants was due to
            pages and delivered 12,000           expire in 6 months. The hope was
            copies. Now we present ads,          this. If we can just show progress
            events and articles on 28 pages      by reaching 350 members by
            and deliver 16,000 copies.           summer time, maybe, just maybe,
            Success is measured by the           the OLLI foundation would offer
            impact we have on our senior         us $50,000 to give us one more                                             Advertise
            readers. We boast a greater than     year to reach our goal.
                                                                                                                               - Your -
            99% pick up rate and love hearing       Deanna Eversol and the 55+                                                 - Your -
            how many people read the paper       negotiated a plan to increase the
            cover to cover.                      membership. The 55+ would add
               Our first focus is on filling the  a four-page color insert to the                                           Business
            paper with interesting and read-     middle of the regular paper. OLLI
                                                                                                                                   in the
            able articles. Advertisers usually   at UNL would pay only the cost of                                                in the
            call us as we have never been        the extra printing. But they also
                                                                                                                             Lincoln 55+
            pushy about selling our ads.         agreed to pick up and deliver                                               Lincoln 55+
               We spend countless hours          1200 copies of the paper to their
            scanning news feeds and the          churches, doctor’s office and their                                            Seniors
            internet looking for stories of inter-  dentists. Really, any place they
            est to our readers. The core         could.                                                                           Paper
            strength of the 55+ comes from          When the Spring 2007 paper                                                     Paper
            the boost provided by column writ-   came out, membership was at
            ers who send regular articles        310 or so and within 6 weeks, had                                      Call 402-742-0132
                                                                                                                         Call 402-742-0132
            purely out of love for their subject  grown to 537 - well beyond the
            and the joy of writing.              350 set in our goal. The Osher
               We also work to collect inter-    folks granted OLLI at UNL a full            Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper
            esting stories and special feature   $100,000 to continue. At the end
            articles as we find them. No little  of the next year, membership              25,000+ Readers -16,000 Copies
            effort is spent asking the story     stood at 637 and OLLI received
            authors to write in a manner suit-   the $Million Endowment. Today              Distributed in and around Lincoln
            able for my senior audience. We      OLLI membership is over 1700
            do find a lot of good writers out    and the 55+ Seniors Paper is         Published early in March, June, September, December
            there so we only ask them to         going strong.
            avoid complex sentences and                                                                    Target Audience:
                                                                                                 55+ Seniors and their Families

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