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Book Review - Louise Penny Mysteries                                         Autumn Days - by Jo Ann Wagner

                by reviewer Linda                            Martin’s Press,             One summer                                   children were never
             Stephen                                         ISBN: 978-1-250-         evening, usually in                             allowed to go trick
                I highly recom-                              06873-6). The 15th       July or August, the                             or treating.
             mend any of the                                 book, A Better Man,      noise of the cicadas                            Sometimes pranks
             books in the Chief                              is out this fall –       warned us that frost                            happened, and my
             Inspector Armand                                August 27, 2019.         would greet us before                           mother was deter-
             Gamache Series by                                  Find the Louise       long. The old timers                            mined that we
             Louise Penny. The                               Penny books at           said it would be six                            wouldn’t be able to
             setting is a very                               Francie & Finch          weeks from when we                              be accused of doing
             small village, off the                          Bookshop at 130 S.       first heard the cicadas                         any of them since
             map, in the forests of                          13th St., just south of  singing until the first                         she knew we were
             Eastern Quebec in                               O Street, or wherev-     frost.                                          home. When some
             Canada, just north of                           er books are sold.          I noticed that in mid                        of our neighbors
             the U.S. border. The                               The series is also    to late August, the                             caught on to Mom’s
             main character is the                           available at Lincoln
             former head of                                  City Libraries.          nights cooled some.                             “rule,” they would
             Quebec police’s mur-                            However, if you want     Before everyone had air condi-      invite us to come over for treats if
             der investigations, who took early  to borrow the books and read them    tioning, it was much more notice-   they saw us during the day. Mom
             retirement with his wife, an archive  in order, you may have to wait a   able than it is now.                didn’t object to that.
             librarian. The idyllic village is his  while. In early August, all 15       I remember counting cricket         The older people sometimes
             place to heal and enjoy simple     copies of Still Life (13 books and 2  chirps, and learning that the       talked about the tricks they
             pleasures of quiet walks or dinners  CD audio books) were either         number of chirps in a minute was    played when they were young.
             with friends. Although secluded,   checked out or on hold.               likely to be close to the tempera-  One story I remember was about
             the village has a vibrant town cen-   Linda Stephen is a writer and      ture in Fahrenheit degrees. The     a group of boys who put a cow
             ter with a bookstore, bistro, gro-  origami artist in Lincoln. Join her  slower chirping at night was        on top of the school roof. Another
             cery store, and more. Many of the  free LEXTalk origami workshop         another indication of cooler tem-   trick was tipping over outhouses.
             residents, including a grumpy but  Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. at Lexington    peratures.                          Sometimes that backfired, when
             famous poet, have chosen to live   Assisted Living Center. See more         Then the leaves turned beau-     one of the persons tipping
             in  the village as a place for their  events at     tiful yellows, reds, oranges. After  slipped and fell in. Nevertheless
             next life step.                    or reach her at                       they fell, we waited for a day with  some tipping continued when I
                The series explores friendship,  Linda@UnfoldingCommunications.       little or no wind to rake the       was young.
             family, community, marriage,       com                                   leaves into piles. Sometimes we        We had an outhouse until the
             recovery, art creation, and life                                         jumped in the leaves and played,    state offered the village money to
             journeys. There is, bien sur                                             scattering them before we had to    put in a sewer system. One of
             (of course), also an exciting                                            rake them back into a pile again.   the requirements was that all out-
             murder investigation in each                                             They had a dusty smell, some-       houses had to be removed. That
                Each book is written to be                                            times a little mold, too, if it they  meant that the school I’d gone to
             self-standing. If you can, read                                          were still damp from rain,          and the other school in town, in
             the books in order – or like                                             although if they were wet, they     addition to many of the residents,
             me, out of order. I have so                                              didn’t burn well.                   had to get rid of their outhouses.
             far read books 10 and 11                                                    Sometimes people used whit-      What a loss! For the schools, it
             (The Long Way Home, The                                                  tled sticks to cook hot dogs and    meant modifying the school
             Nature of the Beast) and am                                              roast marshmallows over the         buildings, or building a new one.
             starting on book 3 (The                                                  burning leaves, but my mother       And of course, on Halloween, no
             Cruelest Month). The audio                                               wasn’t in favor of cooking on a     outhouses remained to be tipped
             books are engaging (and with                                             stick over a pile of dirty leaves.  over.
             appropriate accents), too.                                                  On Halloween, Norfolk, a town    ------
                I highly recommend the                                                near us, celebrated with
             series for anyone who likes                                              Hallowesta. This involved a            Joanne grew up in Hadar, North
             complex murder mysteries                                                 parade down the main street,        of Norfolk and adds this: The
             and detective series that are                                            with bands and floats. Big crowds   Department of Environment-al
             more about character and                                                 of people showed up. We hoped       Control (DEC then, now DEQ) had
             investigative questions than                                             to get some candy that was          federal funds (I think) at one point
             fear.                                                                    thrown. A newspaper clipping        and went around the state offering to
                The first book in the Chief                                           from 1960 said that 20,000 peo-     help towns put in sewer systems.
             Inspector Armand Gamache                                                 ple attended that year.  The        That was when Hadar and a lot of
             Series is Still Life (2005. St.                                                                              other communities lost their out-
                                                                                      parade had 60 floats and 10         houses in an attempt to control pol-
                                                                                      bands.                              lution. It was probably a good idea,
                                                                                         My mother had a lot of rules,    although it took a piece of
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