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Chatelaine Residences

                                                                                                      55+ Mature -
                                                                                                         Independent Living Community

                                                                                                    Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle
                                                                                                   in our secure, spacious apartments.
                                                                                          Adjacent to Holmes Lake                   Chatelaine
                                                                                             Affordable, Spacious                   Residences
                                                                                                Security Access                  6201 Normal Blvd.
                                                                                            Underground Parking                   Lincoln 486-4165
                                                                                              Large Party Room               Mon-Thurs. - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                                                  with Kitchen                 Friday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
                                                                                           Social Activities & Coffees

                                                                                              A Culture of Caring - with Karla Frese

                                                                                          Male Caregivers:                                 ties may help to fill
                                                                                            Overcoming                                     this void and affirm
                                 Lincoln Church Listings                                      Perceived                                    their masculinity.
                Free - Send your church listing to -                 Stereotypes                                    Seeking part-time
                      Churches can Pick up the Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper                   The term ‘care-                                 caregiver assis-
                        at Russ's Market at 17th and Washington Streets.                 giver’ is commonly                                tance allows men
                   Area code (402) unless marked                                         associated with                                   to continue being
                   Summer times may vary                                                 women, but accord-                                involved without
                Trinity United Methodist Church  18                                      ing to the National                               worrying their
                7130 Kentwell Lane, 56th & Pinelake                                      Alliance for                                      loved one is alone
                  435-2946                                      Caregiving, about                                 at home.
                        Sunday 9 & 10:30                                                 14.5 million care-                                   Men do not
                      Trinity Lutheran - 19                                              givers are males.                                 need help. We all
                      724 South 12th Street                                              The increase in                                   know men who
                   Sunday 8:00, 10:30   474-0606
                                            male caregivers is a                              hate asking for
                 Unitarian Church of Lincoln - 19      3825 Wildbriar Lane  423-7639     result of early retirement, geo-    directions, but that disdain typi-
                402-483-2213      graphically distant family mem-     cally flows throughout all aspects
                          Sunday 10:00               Sunday 8:00, 10:30 - Wed 6:30 - 19  bers, and longer life expectancy.   of men's lives. This becomes an
                United Lutheran Church (ELCA) 19     Good Shepherd Presbyterian - 19     With the number of male care-       issue as a caregiver when there
                  5945 Fremont Street   466-2277          8300 East Pointe Road,         givers increasing it is important to  is a need to make healthcare
                         484-8844                 understand the challenges they      appointments or setting up and
                     Sat 5:30   Sunday 9:30am                face when approaching this tradi-   administering medications. There
                        Unity Lincoln - 19              10:30 / 10:00 a.m. Summers       tionally female role and offer sup-  are resources such as home care
                     1941 N. 68th St    476-6887       Grace Lutheran Church - 19
                 Sunday 10:30 -       2225 Washington St.,          port.                               agencies that help one stay
                 Aldersgate United Methodist -19                474-1505                   Masculine Stereotypes:            proactive and in control with med-
                    Church 8320 South Street,                      Men should be physically          ical appointments and ongoing
                  489-1510,      Saturday 5:30, Sunday 9:00       strong. Naturally as we age         medical issues. When you need
                         Sunday 8:30, 11            Grace Lutheran Church, Walton - 19   physical strength slips away,       help, ask for it. It doesn’t do any-
                  Annunciation Greek Orthodox            11640 A Street, 489-8693        which contradicts the notion of     one any good by avoiding health
                      Christian Church - 19         what it means “to be a man”. This   issues.
                     950 N. 63rd St. 464-4422               Sunday 10:00 am                                                    Men do not have emotions.
                Heritage Presbyterian Church 19     idea of strength can keep men
                                       880 South 35th St            from asking for additional support  In contrast to men, many of the
                    Sat 5:30 p.m.  Sunday 10:15        477-3401     as a caregiver:“I can assist my     gender norms for women are
                       Calvary Chapel - 19                   Sundays  10:30              spouse on my own!” I can get my     sources of strength as they age,
                   416 N. 66th Street   318-1701    Holland Seventh Day Adventist  18    spouse in and out of the bath!”.      such as caring for others, the
                    22315 South 96th Street        Although men may want to care       ability to form deep relationships,
                           Sunday 10                    Holland, NE    402-792-2571                                          and accepting vulnerability as
                       Christ Lutheran - 19                   Saturdays at 9             for their loved one on their own, it  natural. But when we have a
                   4325 Sumner Street, 483-7774    Northeast United Church of Christ 20  may cause additional problems.
                 6200 Adams Street, 466-0696       Seeking assistance is not weak.     sense of loss whether that may
                  Sunday 8, 9:30, 11, Monday 7 pm           There is no reason to hurt oneself  be privacy, independence, memo-
                      Connecting Pointe    19               Sunday 10:30 - 20            while attempting to assist a loved  ry, or physical abilities, how are
                 1901 S. 70th Street     402-489-6578     Sts. Simon and Jude            one when there are caregiver        men to grieve? Men can feel very
                  Eastern Orthodox Church - 19                                            alone, especially those who are
                           Sunday  10,                                                   services that can help with specif-
                                                                                         caregivers. We need to support
                     Eastridge Presbyterian -19       450 E Street -  (402) 327-1850     ic tasks, such as bathing.
                    1135 Eastridge Drive, 488-7844      Sat 5 p.m.  Sunday noon            Men need to work.  Experts        male caregivers in our community
                         St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - 19  agree leaving work is one of the    by encouraging them to share,
                          Sundays 9 & 11                                                 most difficult parts of aging for   listening to their concerns, and
                                                       2325 So. 24th Street, 435-2226
                First Evangelical Covenant Church       men. The feelings of self-worth,    offering support.
                   6024 L Street, 489-8869.    19        Sat. 5 p.m. Sun. 8, 10:30       status, respect, and influence are    Supporting caregivers, both
               Southern Heights Presbyterian 19                                        male and female, is important.
                          Sunday 10:30                                                   strongly associated with work.
                                                       40th & Old Cheney, 421-3704,      Volunteering, advising through      Their work is relentless and often
                     First Baptist Church - 19     Sunday 10:30
                     1340 K Street,   477-4198        Southview Christian Church 19      boards, and part-time opportuni-
                         2040 South 22nd St. 402-476-6756
                          Sunday 10:30      
                      First Presbyterian - 19                 Sunday 10:30
                  840 South 17th Street, 477-6037        Add your church here.
                 8:30 and 11 - Sudanese 12:30 pm              To be listed,
                 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church        Churches register every year

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