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                      Antique Values: Knowing the Basics
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                by Tom Bassett -                                 1970s are where
             Tom lives in Lincoln                                the action is.
             and is a member of                                  Records by Elvis
             the New England                                     Presley, The
             Appraisers Association                              Beatles, The
                                                                 Beach Boys are
                When I conduct a                                 all good sellers
             personal property                                   but few of these
             appraisal, it is not                                bring big bucks
             unusual to see boxes                                because millions
             of records.  Once in a                              were sold.  There
             while a family even                                 is a significant
             has a Victrola or                                   demand but also
             another brand of wind-                              a good supply.
             up record player.  I get                            This translates
             to see lots of 33 rpm,                              into prices in the
             45s & 78s.  Some                                    $5 to $15 range.
             people are sure their                               Yes, there are
             records are worth a                                exceptions.
             fortune while others                               Condition of the
             are ready to give away                             record and the
             theirs for free.                                   jacket are also of
                Collecting records is                           importance.
             still a significant                                   Here is a test.
             hobby.  That is why we                             Three of these
             have three or four                                 records are worth
             record shops in Lincoln                            between $6 and
             as well as numerous                                $10, and one is
             booths at antiques                                 worth $20.  What
             malls that sell                                    is your guess?
             records.  So what                                     Answer – The
             makes a record                               Beatles “Revolver.”
             worth more than                                 Other tips:
             a buck or two?                               Collectors don’t want
             As with most col-                            “The Best of” any artist.
             lectable items, it                           They want the original
             is all about sup-                            recording, not a “best
             ply and demand.                              of.”  Operas, Classical,
                There are a                               Polka and Comedy                    Lincoln Veteran Honors Heroes in One­of­a­Kind Store
             few records that                             records appeal to some          Lincoln, Nebraska – August 28, 2020 ­ Local Vietnam veteran Joe Briggs
             are worth over                               buyers, but it is Rock &     has channeled his love of country and support for its heroes into a unique
             $100 but there                                     Roll that attracts     store now open at 4802 Calvert in Lincoln’s College View neighborhood.
             are tons worth a dollar                            the most buyers.          Patriot Pride Shop, formerly located in the Lincoln VA Medical Center,
             or less.  The records of                           Jazz and Country       sells products that honor military, veterans, and first responders such as
             the pre-1940 era are                               also have a good       police, fire, emergency medical & nurses.
             78 rpms (rotation per                              following.                Briggs opened the original shop in the VA clinic in 2013 and specialized in
             minute).  Generally,                                  Movie sound         military and veteran merchandise.  The wide selection of items made it a
             most 78s have very lit-                            tracks, Christmas      favorite of veterans in Lincoln and beyond.  Out of town visitors regularly
             tle value.  One reason                             records and “Easy      commented that it was better than shops on large military bases.
             is that darn few of us                             listening” records        After being forced to close this past March due to Covid­19 restrictions,
             have a phonograph                                  are great to own       he reimagined what the shop could become in a new location.  “I wanted to
             that will play them.  I                            but don’t com-         include first responders.  They are heroes as well, and they deserve our
             see them at tag                                    mand high dollars.     recognition and respect every day.”
                                                                                          Products include ball caps, flags. lapel pins, patches, challenge coins,
             sales priced at                                       When selling        decals, license plate frames, key rings, service rings, art, figurines and much
             three for $1 only a                           records, do some            more.  Some specific items are also available as a special order.
             few seem to sell.                             homework.  Visit a              Patriot Pride Shop is open Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.,
             Our “little records,”                         local shop, check                    Friday 9 a.m. ­ 3:00 p.m., Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon.
             45s are more pop-                             “sold” prices on EBay                          Call 402­560­4217 with questions.
             ular than 78s, but                            and remember – deal-
             most are in the                               ers need to make a
             dollar-a-piece cat-                           profit.
             egory.                                            Happy Buying
                It is the 33 long                              and/or Selling!
             play albums that
             dominate the
             hobby and record sales       Bassetts' Appraisal Service
             at local shops.  If you

             are serious about                   We Appraise & BUY
             knowing the value of         Coins ‐ Old Jewelry ‐ Antiques
             your records, pay a visit
             to one or two of our       
             record shops or an
             antiques mall.
                Records from the                  402-484-8143
             1960s through the

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