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                4  - Guest Artist ........................... Tim Howell 2014        19 - Coffee with an Elephant .... Robbie Nathan
                5  - From the Editor                                                 20 - Aging Partners ..................... Randall S. Jones

                5  - A Backwards Glance ... Jo Ann Wagner                            20 - Life Coach ................................... Georgia Feiste
                6  - News / Classified Ads                                           21 - Lincoln Libraries .......................... Gail McNair
                7  - Book Review ........................ Linda Stephen              24 - On the Farm  ............                 ....... Cliff Lowell
                7  - A Culture of Caring................ Karla Frese                 24 - Barb Carlson

               10 - Antique Values ....................... Tom Bassett                      Pages 8. 17, 18        - Calendar -
               14 - The Real Bill Budler                                          Special Events - Music / Performing Arts - Entertainment /
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                From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                                             Guest Artist

             I’ve been looking at my                                                  Georgia Feiste has been paint-      Georgia
          Facebook listing of“1001 friends.”                                       ing since 2012, taking classes at   has won
          It seems like a good time to take                                        Artists by The Lake Club in pas-    several
          a closer look.The main category                                          tels, acrylics, and oils as a snow-  awards at
          are family and friends. But where                                        bird. When she returned to her      the Sun
          did they all come from?                                                  long-time home in Nebraska each     City Annual
             I recently sorted out a kin                                           year, she self-taught using a vari-  Juried Art
          related to my grandmother sec-                                           ety of resources, and often         Show and
          ond marriage. G-Ma had seven                                             worked on commissions for           Palo Verde
          kids and so did Alvin but they got                                       friends and family. This year, dur-  Art Show,
          married anyway. She  moved                                               ing the COVID crisis, she has       and is a
          from Chicago to Proctor,                                                 again been taking online classes    juried mem-
          Minnesota to help raise the                                              from an artist in the United        ber of Vanguard Art Group in the
          remaining kids. A search on the                                          Kingdom whose specialty is real-    West Valley in Arizona. Her latest
          family name “Wedlund” turned up                                          ism in painting, whether it be por-  series of paintings was drawn
          kin in Canada. Our families went                                         traits, animals or landscapes.      from her two months in Ecuador
          fishing there in the 50s and I                                              As a certified life coach, and   in 2019.
          remember the two daughters. We  ories lines are drawn thin. Still - a    retired corporate administrator,       Now that Georgia has moved
          were about 5 or 6 years and dis-    friend is a friend.                  Georgia knows the value of living   to Sun City permanently, she will
          covered leeches together. I think      A number of Friends are relat-    a life of joy, created by the life   be teaching beginning painting to
          that counts as a old friend from    ed to my business - or theirs. I     choices we make. Pursuing her       Seniors who have not painted for
          64 years ago.                       need a handyman? He may be           life-long dream of being an artist   a very long time, or would like to
             I have blood relatives and in-   online. I do not solicit ads online   allows her to bring richness to her   learn. She has a creative ability to
          laws. We might see each other at  for the 55+ but it does not hurt to    life, and share that feeling and    share what she has learned, and
          the holidays but it is good to      know them better.                    knowledge with others.  Her         what she knows from her educa-
          know what they are doing via           I have artist friends and people   paintings depict the beauty of life   tion, and her many hours spent in
          Facebook too.                       I meet at the Metro Art Gallery.     around us, fulfilling her belief in   her new studio.
             Many of my friends are from      Theater friends know they have       the Beauty and Innocence of
          work at UNL and at the State        to like me but maybe they do         Being.
          DHHS. We might get coffee and       anyway.
          catch up a bit. It is hit and miss     I am afraid that I should be
          as to whether or not our “news” is  cautious about reposting political   Dedicated To the One I Love - by Jo Ann Wagner
          interesting                         items because I could lose busi-
             Some friends you see on a        ness. But life is too short to hold
          schedule. This would include        back. I tr to make friends with the      I’ve been crying over                        arms around me I
          church members, Cribbage club,      author of good opinion article.       you, Johnny B. Goode,                           want this magic
          Candlelight Club, OLLI (Osher       When some one does fact check-        crying for days. I called                       moment to last until
          Lifelong learning,) and the theater  ing, the may become a friend.        you my Johnny Angel.                            the twelfth of never.
                                                                                                                                    I’m wishin’ and hopin’
                                                                                    Now I think you’re the
          activities. OK - these are mostly      I have friends are sadly the       devil in disguise. Don’t                        that this is really the
          acquaintances.                      wrong person. They just have the      let the rain come down,                         look of love. My guy
             The Rotary Club offers a large   same name as someone I know.          I tell myself. It doesn’t                       begins to hum “And I
          number of friends. A few would      I have duplicated friends and         do any good. Oh,                                love her.” He’s killing
          even offer help in a pinch. With    deceased friends.                     Johnny, I can’t stop lov-                       me softly with his
          230 members, it is hard to know        I have friends who don’t need      ing you. I’m going out                          song.
          them all                            new friends and shut off the abili-   of my head. I don’t                                “You’re my girl,”
             My 50 class reunion offered up  ty to request them as a friend. I      want to live in a world                         he whispers in my
          a number of new FaceBook            have blocked about three friends      without love. I wonder                          ear. “I think we’re
          friends. I even met one who said    who were crude in their postings      what becomes of the                             alone now. Hold me,
          she “liked” me all the way back     and have restored one...              brokenhearted. If only                          thrill me, kiss me.
          then. Then friends of my siblings      It is good to have friends.        love can break a heart, why do I   When a man loves a woman, there
          started connecting and the mem-      Thank you for reading the 55+        want to have someone to love       ain’t no mountain high enough to
                                                                                    again? It’s crazy. I’m hooked on a   keep him from loving her more
                                                                                    feeling that hurts so much.        today than yesterday.” I say a little
                                                                                    Breaking up is hard to do. I wanted   prayer that this feeling will never
                                    Advertise Your -Business                        this to be true love. Chances are,   end. A little bitty tear falls from the
                                    Advertise Your -Business
                                                   in the                           though, I’ll get by with a little help   corner of my eye. Let it be like this
                                                   in the
                                                                                    from my friends.                   forever. What a wonderful world.
                                    Lincoln 55+ Seniors  Paper                         My doorbell rings. It’s been a   But doubt makes me ask, “Will you
                                    Lincoln 55+ Seniors  Paper
                                          Call 402-742-0132                         hard day’s night. I don’t want any-  still love me when I’m 64?”
                                          Call 402-742-0132
                                                                                    one to see me crying. I feel like a   “If I had my way, I’d love you ‘til
                                24,000+ Readers -15,000 Copies                      rag doll. No one else is home, so I   the end of time. Eight days a week.
                                                                                    open our green door. My            Misty and even stormy days may
                                Distributed in and around Lincoln.                  boyfriend’s back. Heartbreaker.!   come, but I want you to be my
                                                                                    “Hello, darlin’,” he says. “You were   woman, my woman, my wife.”
                                   Published early in                               on my mind. Here, I brought some      “You make me feel like a natu-
                       March, June, September, December                             red roses for a blue lady. Return to   ral woman,” I tell him. “Just remem-
                                                                                    me. I need your love so bad.”      ber you don’t own me.” Don’t let
                                                                                       I don’t know what to say or do.   me be misunderstood.
                                                                                                                          The sound of silence deafens
                                                                                       He plies me with friendly per-
                                 Target Audience:                                   suasion. “Little darlin’, you light up   me. “What now, my love?” I ask.
                       55+ Seniors and their Families                               my life. I can’t take my eyes off of   “Dream baby, I’m a believer in
                                                                                    you. I can’t stop loving you.” I   going for the impossible dream.”
            Ad Rates  See                                     believe he’s serious. There’s a kind   Is this guy the great impostor?
                                                                                    of hush. Wouldn’t it be nice if this   Should I ask him to release me
                                                                                    were real, and the love I thought   now?
               Email -                                      we had would return to me? He
                                                                                    holds out his arms and says,         Can you find 70 song titles? -Editor
                                                                                    “Come a little bit closer.” With his

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