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For Sale at Lincoln Memorial Park

                                                                                                   For sale! A side-by-side companion crypt
                                                                                                   at ground level in Mausoleum Building 4
                                                                                            Current value $20,495 sale price $15,000 or best offer.
                                                                                                     Call (402) 314-0677 to leave message
                                                                                                           and a call back number.  0q2
                     Still Open for Exercise Classes

                 Exercise class at Holy Trinity is   Holy Trinity during the Covid-19 restric-              3 spaces side-by-side
              in its 11th year.   The focus is on   tions.  We maintain safe distance, do          in the Masonic Garden, Section M-2.
              maintaining mobility, balance, and   30 minutes of stretching and then go for     Going price is $12,000 for all three,  0q2 rene
              flexibility.   We meet Mondays,    walks through the neighorhoods near      selling for $7,000 + transfer fee. Call 402-616-7226
              Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30   the church.
              to 11:00 a.m.   We include gentle     We also have taken a couple of
              stretching, an arm routine with    field trips to the Sunken Gardens and to
              dyna-bands, walking, relaxation and   the Maxwell Arboretum on East           Elite Companion  Mausoleum Crypt #141EE, Unit 3.
              closing the last 15 minutes with chi   Campus.                                 Very desirable space for 2 people
              gong, which is moving meditation.     There is no charge for this                 INSIDE the Chapel building.
                 One way to think of chi gong is   class.  Over time, those attending
              ‘calisthenics of tai chi.'  It supports   wanted to contribute so we added a   There are No more  spaces like this.
              the immune system and balance.     cup for free-will offerings.                   Heated and  air conditioned.
              Those who are able, get down on       You may call the leader,               Value $24,000   Asking  $15,000 OBO
              the floor for some tummy work.  The   Christine Grosh, for more informa-              Call 402-826-2498.  0q1
              only rule is, “If it hurts, don’t do it.”   tion.  402-486-3259.  Please come
                 We are meeting in the parking lot of   and see if this class works for you.
                                                                                                                For Sale - 2 sites
                                                                                                        2 spaces – Lot 48, Section Q-2
                         Calendar of Events Caution                                         Value - $7,990 – Sell for $3,600 includes transfer fee

                 We have greatly reduced the        Also, use caution and wear                           3 spaces – Lot 88, Section R
              number of calendar entries due     your masks in appropriate situa-          Value - $11,985 – Sell for $5400 includes transfer fee
              to the Corona Virus. Many activi-  tions. Seniors are expected to            Call 402-570-9622 or email  0q2
              ties have been cancelled or        use an additional level of care.
              postponed and even the items       Find new activities, Join OLLI
              we are including are going to be   classes online, learn to use                      3 Cemetery plots - Beautiful G Section,
              uncertain for some time to         Zoom (it is easy.) Please share                             Lot 295, spaces 1,2,3.
              come. Please call and confirm!     your 55+ paper with a friend.                       Reduced from $4295 to $2150 each.
                                                                                                             Photos and details at
                                                                                         or 402-450-0033.     0q2
                            One Book - One Lincoln

                                                    The book is about a 12-year-                 Must sell, price slashed! 3 cemetery plots
                 Lincoln City Libraries (LCL)     old survivor of a plane crash              G Sec., Lot 295 spaces 1,2,3.  Will sell separately.
              today announced “Dear               struggling to find a place for him-            Value $4295 each. Will sell for $1500 each.
              Edward” by Ann Napolitano as        self in a world without his                   Thank you, Glenda Clare   402-450-0033. 0q3
              the book selected for the 2020      family.  “Dear Edward” was
              One Book–One Lincoln                named one of the best books of
              Community Reading Program.  It      the year by the New York Times               Single,  beautiful quiet plot - lot 123 of section
              is available from LCL in print,     Book Review, winner of the                     T-2, space 4.  Close to the four apostles &
              large type, compact disc as well    Ridenhour Book Prize, Silver                 veteran's area.  Retail $2795 - reduced to $975
              as downloadable audio and           Winner of the California Book        Email Lana at call 559-570-8890
              eBook formats.                      Award and a finalist for the Los
                                                  Angeles Times Book Prize.
                                                                                                Companion Lawn Crypt with 2 preset vaults
                                                                                                    C-3 #69   Total selling price is $3,500
                The Lincolns 55+ Seniors Paper is published 4 times a year in                          which includes the transfer fee.
             the early spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Our 24-page, full sized                           Call 402-984-5646.   0q3
             tabloid is designed to Educate, Inform, Inspire and sometimes
             Amuse our readers. We include a Calendar of Events section cov-                      For Sale. A two-person vertical crypt.
             ering 3 full months of coming activities in Lincoln. We also include           Entry at Gate 3 and close to the funeral home.
             regular  column writers, comics and, of course, the advertisers who            The burial vault is complete and ready to use.
             can provide services that you may need.                                    Person #1 will be buried and the casket is enclosed.
                The 55+ Seniors Paper is completely free to our readers as the                     Casket for person #2 will go on top.
             paper is supported 100% by local advertisers.  The newspaper is                        Value is $7500. Selling for $4000.
             also online to read at                                               Call 402-488-6847    0q3 Holm
             where many of the web links are activated for ease of use.
                                                                                                   LINCOLN MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY
                                                                                             Space available - Lot 67, Space 1 in the C-Garden
                    ---- 55+ Classified Advertising ---                                             Retail:  $5100 / Offering at $3500 OBO
                     $70 for 30 Words (11 pt font or larger)                                 Includes transfer fee.     Call Teri at  308-730-8067
                                                                                                    or email    0q2
                      $200 per year (4 issues - saves $80 )
                                  email your text to
                                                                                                            For Sale - 2 Sites. 0q3
                                                          Lawn Crypt, Vault for 2, Stone memorial and install
                                                                                                       Unit 4, Section D-1, Space 82,
                                                                                         Value $8845, selling for $3000 includes transfer fee.
                          GREEN GARDENS - Call 402-540-5693
             Seasonal Cleanup, Garden Tilling, Container Design, Hedge
                                                                                              3 spaces ‚ Section G, Lot 60, Spaces 1, 2, 3
             & Rose Pruning, Fertilization,  Flower Bed Installation, Weed               Value $14985 - Sell for $6000 includes transfer fee.
                     Control, Grounds-keeping, Certified & Insured
             Dana Green, Owner & Operator                        Call 334-467-3129 or email

                                                                                         For sale! A side-by-side companion crypt at ground level
                    Part Time work - Grounds Maintenance Tech 9q4                           in Mausoleum Building 4 at Lincoln Memorial Park.
                     NAI FMA Realty is searching for 1-2 dependable,
                  self-motivated people to provide grounds maintenance                     Current value $20,495 sale price $15,000 or best offer.
               duties at commercial properties in Lincoln. 15+ hours per                                       Call (402) 314-0677
                 week, flexible.     Call Scott Vyskocil at 402-441-5800.                       to leave message and a call back number. 0q3

                                                                                                   Lincoln Memorial Masonic Circle - 1 lot
                     Enjoy Your Vibrant Life                                               Lot K 334, Plot 10 Center aisle to the Masonic Shrine.
                                                                                                   Retail price is $4,995 selling for $2,500
                             Here in Lincoln !                                                    Call 214-529-7089, Kathryn Hotchkiss.  0q3
                                                                                                             including transfer fee.

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