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HopeSpoke Needs Your Help
                                                                                                          with Hygiene Kits

                                                                                      HopeSpoke’s mission is to        – Th 8:00am – 7:00pm).  For
                                                                                    Inspire healthy futures for children  more information about
                                                                                    and families through comprehen-    HopeSpoke services or to make a
                                                                                    sive behavioral and mental health  donation of any size to help pur-
                                                                                    services.  HopeSpoke offers men-   chase hygiene items please go to
                                                                                    tal health services to families and or call 402-
                                                                                    individuals across the lifespan    475-7666.  Thank you for your
                                                                                    without a trip to the office thanks   help.
                                                                                    to Telehealth!                        This project is made possible
                                                                                      To help clients stay safe during  in part due to funding from the
                                                                                    the pandemic, HopeSpoke is cre-    Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and
                                                                                    ating 300 or more hygiene kits for  Economic Security Act (CARES
                                                                                    women, men, and families.          Act) from the U.S. Department of
                                                                                    During September we are collect-   Treasury and the Nebraska
                                                                                    ing donations of the following     Department of Health and Human
                                                                                    items:  Body wash and loofahs;     Services, CFDA Number 21.019.
                                                                                    deodorant; combs and brushes;         HopeSpoke is putting together
                                                                                    hand lotion; toothbrush, tooth-    300 or more Hygiene Kits for our
                                                                                    paste, and dental floss; chapstick;  clients. During September we will
                                                                                    shampoo and conditioner; wash      be collecting additional items and
                                                                                    cloths and small hand towels; nail  will put the kits together in
                                                                                    clippers and emery boards; and     October for distribution. Please go
                                                                                    hand wipes. We are also in need    to
                                                                                    of tampons; and nail polish, hair   TO GIVE YOUR GIFT!  This is a
                                                                                    ties, and lip gloss to brighten up   great project for your service club
                                                                                    female hygiene kits. Hygiene       or friends. Contact by email
            Handyman Connection of Lincoln - 402-875-9696                           items can be sample or regular with
                 Here to connect you to quality Craftsman                           size.                              questions. Thank you.

                                                                                      If you are not able to donate
                               for your next project                                items, but would like to help, we     HopeSpoke plans to be
                   SERVICES WE OFFER - Aging in Place,                              are also accepting monetary        around for another 70+ years
              Carpentry, Decks, Drywall, Electrical, Fences,                        donations that will be used to pur-  and adapt services as need.
            Maintenance & Installations, Painting, Plumbing,                        chase items for the kits. Please   For the latest news or to make
              Remodeling, Shelves, Storage, Tile & Flooring                         bring donated items to             a donation, please go to
                                                                                    HopeSpoke at 2444 “O” Street (M

                   Closer to Home -           neighbors by the actions we take     neighbors.                           time spent walking, doing yard work
            BENEFICIAL LANDSCAPES,            outside. There is no one perfect        More plant diversity and natives,   and projects, or just sitting on the
          Nebraska Statewide Arboretum        way—wherever we’re at on the         less reliance on a short list of     front porch, there have been more
             “One touch of nature makes the   spectrum we can always find little   exotics. Cookie cutter designs and   opportunities—and the need—to
          whole world kin.” William           ways to move the needle in a more    plant lists are not only boring, but   connect. Strengthening our local
          Shakespeare                         positive direction. A good way to    they’re often demanding of time and   network, taking time to at least say
             It is clear that the world is a crazy   look at it is “more of this, less of   inputs while offering few benefits.   hi to our neighbors is especially
          place right now, and it often feels   that,” and below is a short list to get   The better option is using a diverse   important now, but an option we’d be
          like every day brings another level of   started, in both our own yards and in   list of native or well-adapted non-  wise to remember we always have.
          folly beyond our control. Although   our neighborhoods.                  native species. This approach offers    More involvement, less isolation.
          keeping up with the news is            More low maintenance beds, less   many benefits to all of us and is both   It’s tempting to use these times as
          important, it’s also important to give   high maintenance turf. Turf can   more resilient and less demanding.   an excuse to not be involved, but our
          ourselves time to step away to find   require significant inputs (water,    More tree planting and care, less   communities need us now more than
          things more within our control, things   fertilizers, pesticides, mowing, time),   tree neglect, abuse and removal.   ever. Join your local tree board or
          that calm our frayed nerves and     resulting in wasted resources,       Whether in newer neighborhoods       neighborhood association, start a
          bring us perspective, joy and       chemical drift or runoff and noise   with poor soil and a focus on turf, or   community garden, volunteer to care
          gratitude. My suggestion? Step      and air pollution, none of which are   older neighborhoods with poorly    for a neglected lot or park. Although
          outside.                            good for nature or our neighbors.    pruned and over-mature trees, many   these and other volunteer options
             Outside we can find nature       Low maintenance beds, especially     community forests are suffering. This   may be more challenging now, they
          reliably going about its business,   ones with native plants, provide a   equates to the erosion of the wealth   are a great way to make a difference
          whether in the deep wilderness or   wide range of resources for our      of benefits provided by trees for    when your neighbors need you the
          our own backyards. It doesn’t give a   friends in nature, and beauty and   nature and neighbors. What do we   most.
          darn about the news, but instead just   better health for ourselves and our   need more of to reverse this trend?   More time, tolerance and
          keeps moving forward in                                                                  It starts by giving   patience, less anxiety, urgency and
          its wonderfully complex                                                                  trees more value     perfectionism. A wise quote from
          way, always offering us                                                                  and focus, then      Lao Tzu says “Nature does not
          beauty, wonder and                                                                       follow up with       hurry, yet everything is
          peace.                                                                                   proper practices,    accomplished.” It offers an essential
             Also outside are our                                                                  like more attention   lesson for these times, whether
          neighbors, many                                                                          to placement,        dealing with our yard, our neighbors
          spending more time                                                                       species selection,   or even our wacky world. Listen,
          closer to home. Look in                                                                  planting and care.   observe and appreciate more, judge,
          the thesaurus for                                                                           More              hurry and worry less. The typical
          “neighborly” and you’ll                                                                  connections, less    speed of the world has become
          find words like friendly,                                                                turning away. Many   frantic but it’s not the pace for which
          kind, helpful and caring.                                                                neighbors are now    humans are best adapted. We are
          Being neighborly is good                                                                 closer than ever,    all better off when we take a cue
          for everyone and always                                                                  despite keeping      from nature and tune in to its, and
          a good idea, especially                                                                  their physical       our, more peaceful pace.
          now.                                                                                     distance for the             Kendall Weyers, Nebraska
             We can all contribute                                                                 last several                     Statewide Arboretum,
          to both nature and our                                                                   months. With more    
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