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Radio Talking Book Service

               Radio Talking Book Service is    disorders, in eliminating educa-
            Nebraska’s Audio Companion!         tional barriers they face. Listening
               Radio Talking Book Service       Link collaborates with area
            (RTBS), founded in 1974, serves     schools to provide audio record-
            Nebraska and southwest Iowa by      ings of textbooks and other
            providing human-voiced informa-     course material enabling students
            tion choices for individuals with   to achieve academic success.
            disabilities which prevent them       Over 75 volunteers read print
            from reading. RTBS brings the       media aloud, either live or as a
            printed word to life through our
            two key programs: Radio Talking
            Book Network, a statewide radio
            reading service; and Listening
            Link, an educational reading pro-
               Radio Talking Book Network
            (RTBN) provides immediate
            access to print news and informa-
            tion through the reading of 12
            regional newspapers, 70 periodi-
            cals and magazines, and more --
            nearly all of which would other-
            wise be inaccessible to our listen-
            ers. RTBN’s weekly program
            schedule includes a live reading
            of the Lincoln Journal Star and     recording, and their diverse voic-
            Omaha World Herald seven            es are broadcast statewide over
            days-a-week, and Weekly             the radio and internet. RTBN pro-
            Department Store and Grocery        vides radio receivers at no cost to
            Store ads.                          eligible individuals and care facili-
               The Wall Street Journal is       ties and is accessible via internet
            read Monday through Friday, and     stream on our website, smart-
            the following newspapers are        phone apps, Alexa and Google
            read in a “week-in-review” format:  Home. RTBN also podcasts
            Norfolk Daily News, Fremont         many of its programs on the
            Tribune, North Platte Telegraph,    RTBS website and iTunes.
            Grand Island Independent,             In 2020 RTBS will be adding
            Scottsbluff Star Herald, Council    additional regional newspapers to
            Bluffs Nonpareil, Columbus          its lineup—including the Lincoln
            Telegram, Omaha Star, Kearney       55+.
            Hub and Hastings Tribune.             Radio Talking Book Service
               RTBN offers Informative pro-     does not receive any tax funding
            grams such as: Health &             and is totally supported by grants
            Wellness, Consumer Info, Senior     and donations. RTBS annual
            Summary, Community Calendar,        Wining In The Dark fundraising
            Veterans Hour, and Community        event is March 15th please visit
            Conversations -- a live interview   the website for more information.
            program at noon on Fridays. Arts,     For information about how to
            Culture and Hobbies include:        sign up for our service, learn
            Sports, Nebraska Life, Home &       about volunteer opportunities,
            Garden, Good Old Days, Pet          donate or listen live, please visit
            Pause, Trips & Travel,              our website or
            Entertainment Update, What’s        call us at 402.572.3003. Stay cur-
            Cooking and more. Entertainment     rent with upcoming events, news
            segments are: Bookshelf, Poetry,    and Team RTBS on Facebook
            Mystery Theater, and Nostalgia      and Twitter.
            Radio.                                RTBS offices are located at
               RTBS Listening Link program      7101 Newport Ave., Suite 205,
            assists students who are blind,     Omaha NE 68152.
            visually impaired or have learning

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