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                  From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                             Parkinsons Speech Therapy

                                                Sometimes, a special event              Barkley Speech Language and      patients are added to a group
                                             comes to light in our seniors paper.    Hearing Clinic provides special-    maintenance program they will
                                             Over the years, we have hosted a        ized speech therapy to individuals  attend once a week throughout
                                             Chautauqua to highlight our column      with Parkinson’s                    the remainder of their lives.
                                             writers, advertisers, and artists. We      In the fall of 2019, the Barkley    The SPEAK OUT!® & LOUD
                                             held a public evening of presenta-      Speech Language and Hearing         Crowd® therapy is currently
                                             tions by our column writers. And we     Clinic at the University of         offered free of charge thanks to
                                             held a People’s Choice Art              Nebraska-Lincoln was one of 149     the Parkinson Voice Project grant.
                                             Competition where the art work of       recipients of a 2019 SPEAK          For more information about the
                                             the winners was featured on the         OUT!® & LOUD Crowd® Grant           Barkley Clinic’s program, includ-
                                             cover of our seniors paper.             from the Parkinson Voice Project    ing details about upcoming ses-
                                                Lincoln 55+ and Metro Gallery        to provide speech therapy to indi-  sions, visit
                                             are planning a fund raiser to help      viduals with Parkinson’s Disease.   Individuals interested in schedul-
                                             the UNL Rotaract Club purchase             Through the SPEAK OUT!® &        ing an initial evaluation should
                                             120 wheelchairs for Polio Survivors     LOUD Crowd® program, the            contact Jessie Kohn at 402-472-
            in the Ivory Coast of Africa.  The cost is over $18,000 and has taken 3  Barkley Clinic offers an intensive  3990.
            years. This is a huge project for a college group and they need your     therapy program for individuals                   See ad on Page 3...
            help to finish. Several groups are involved in this project.             who have Parkinson’s
               The wheelchairs are designed by the Canadian Wheelchair               to help them preserve
            Foundation to be sturdy. Once we deliver the project funds, the          their speech and voice.
            Foundation will purchase and deliver the chairs to Abidjan, Ivory        After an initial evalua-
            Coast by shipping container. After the wheelchairs pass customs,         tion at the Barkley
            local Rotary Club members will transport and store them until distribution.   Clinic, participants in
               The Governmental Disabilities Association in the Ivory Coast will     the SPEAK OUT!® &
            identify survivors of Polio (and other disabilities) who cannot afford a  LOUD Crowd® pro-
            wheelchair. It will take some extraordinary effort to distribute all 120  gram attend three 40-
            wheelchairs because each must be fitted for a specific person. We        minute individual ses-
            imagine that the “Gift of Mobility” will bring great hope and inspira-   sions per week for four
            tion to the recipients and their families.                               weeks. Following the
               To boost the project, the Rotary members in Abidjan have already      12 individual sessions,
            donated three chairs to recipients over the past three years. They are
            also planning to provide training and spare parts to some of the bicy-
            cle shops in the city. This will allow the project to be more sustainable
            allowing the wheelchairs to have a long and useful life.                                    Read additional Posts
               In March and April, the Metro Gallery at 1316 N Street (68508)                       from the 55+    on Facebook
            will feature several items of original art from past covers (and future
            covers) featured in the Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper. Please see images      Search for - Lincoln 55+ Seniors Topics
            in our ad (Page 26) in this paper. The art is already at the gallery and
            can be purchased at the “Buy Now” price.  It will also be visible on the
            Facebook auction page called Metro 365.
               The plan is to offer each item at a “Beginning Bid’ price and a                                              Advertise
            “Buy Now” price. During March and April, anyone can purchase the                                                Advertise
            art at the higher donation level. During the auction period in April,
                                                                                                                               - Your -
            come in and bid on any of the remaining items. The “Buy Now’ price                                                 - Your -
            is a nice way to donate two or more “Mobility Chairs” and select a
            memorable work of art from covers of the 55+.
               Metro Gallery and the 55+ will donate all proceeds to the UNL                                                Business
            Rotaract Wheelchair Project. If you simply wish to send a tax
                                                                                                                                   in the
            dedutable donation, write “Lincoln Rotary Club #14 Foundation.” on                                                    in the
            your check and bring it to the gallery.
                                                                                                                             Lincoln 55+
                   Or mail it to Metro Gallery, 1316 N Street (68508)                                                        Lincoln 55+
               The Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper was founded in 2001 by Mark
            Martin, who is also the founder of the Lincoln Kids paper. In 2006, at                                              Seniors
            age 55, the current editor/owner bought the paper with an idea to
            keep it as a “staying engaged” retirement job. We love to tell our story                                              Paper
            to civic groups and churches.
               While publishing the 55+ for 15 years now, we have used 58 artis-
            tic images for our cover. We have been very fortunate that most                                             Call 402-742-0132
                                                                                                                         Call 402-742-0132
            artists have freely given their permission for us to use images of their
            art. However, the 55+ has made a point to purchase the original art
            as a way to say thank you to the artists. Of course, some art is not for         Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper
            sale and some is too expensive for our budget. Several original items
            were simply “gifted” to us as a way for them to say thank you to the           24,000+ Readers -15,000 Copies
            55+ for the recognition and exposure for their craft. What a pleasure.
               Over the years,  we have collected more than we can hang on our              Distributed in and around Lincoln
            walls so    It Is Time to Sell Some Art.    What better way than to
            offer this collection for sale to raise funds for a great project.        Published early in March, June, September, December
               Our thanks to the Lincoln Rotary Clubs in Lincoln the district clubs
            and their members for donating generously to the UNL Rotaract                                  Target Audience:
            Wheelchair Project. We see the next Rotaract fundraiser is set for
            Wednesday, March 18th from 4:30 to 8:00 at the Pizza Ranch.                          55+ Seniors and their Families
               FYI -The beautiful, unnamed art showing dancers on the cover was cre-
            ate by a local artist named Chad. He did who does not wish to make a fuss  Ad Rates  See
            so we don’t have a bio or a Title for his piece. We think it is beautiful and
            thank him for giving us permission to publish. We attempted to buy this
            piece, but were outbid on the Metro 365 FaceBook auction last month. I won-  Email -
            der if we should have offered more?

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