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Book Review - LOTS OF CANDLES, PLENTY OF CAKE                                Recycling Queen - by Jo Ann Wagner

                By reviewer Linda                           York Times, is not           Before we knew the                           to the factory,
             Stephen                                        every woman. She          word “recycling,” I’m                           cleaned and re-used
                In Lots of                                  lives in the New York     sure my mother was                              to bottle more pop.
             Candles, Plenty of                             Metro and is friends      the queen of it.                                If we took a bottle
             Cake: A Memoir of                              with Meryl Streep            We didn’t have any                           home, we had to
             a Woman’s Life,                                (who has an interview     paper towels to wipe                            pay the deposit on
             columnist Anna                                 in the book).             up messes. We had                               it, which we could
             Quindlen writes                                   I recommend this       falling apart wash                              get back when we
             about a woman’s life                           book for book groups      cloths for small mess-                          returned the bottle.
             stages, from child-                            or for readers who        es, and rags for larger                            There was no
             hood memories to                               enjoy memoirs and         ones. My mother clas-                           waste with the pack-
             manic motherhood to                            thoughtful essays         sified her rags as                              aging of fruit.
             middle age and mor-                            about life.               “good” ones and “bad”                           Apples, oranges,
             tality, using the                                 Lots of Candles,       ones. The bad ones                              and bananas came
             events of her life to                          Plenty of Cake by         hardly held together                            in their own individ-
             illuminate ours. Her own mother    Anna Quindlen (ISBN: 978-0-           and were really thin. Most had      ual wrapping (skins) that nour-
             died in her early forties so for   8129-8166-7, paperback, 244           holes in them. If necessary, they   ished the ground where our gar-
             more than 20 years, Quindlen,      pages, $17.00) was published by       could be thrown away after being    den grew when we finished. We
             now 67, has counted each day       Random House in 2013. It is           used. Good ones had to be           used metal lunch boxes – no
             and year as a bonus.               available at Francie & Finch          washed and used again (and          paper bags.
             Considering everything from mar-   Bookshop 130 S. 13th St. in           again, and again until they            When we had programs at
             riage and mothers to all the stuff  Lincoln or anyplace that books       became bad rags).                   school, the women poured coffee
             in our closets, Quindlen explores  are sold.                                The newspapers that came via     into ceramic cups, water into
             what matters most to women at         Linda Stephen is an author,        snail mail to our house daily were  glass glasses, and ceramic
             different ages. Quindlen talks     illustrator and origami artist in     kept. At first my mother took       plates held food. We used real
             about:                             Lincoln. Her origami picture book     them to an elderly woman who        silverware. The women enjoyed
                Marriage: “A safety net of      “The Day We Went to the Park”         lived a block away. Then I inherit-  talking afterwards as they
             small white lies can be the        features Holmes Lake Park and         ed the job.                         washed and put the dishes away
             bedrock of a successful mar-       was published by Handersen               Edible scraps from meals went    to be used again. They didn’t
             riage. You wouldn’t believe how    Publishing in February 2020.          outdoors for the neighborhood       know they were recycling (and
             cheaply I can do a kitchen reno-   Find it at Francie & Finch            cats after we ate.They made the     keeping paper and plastic out of
             vation.”                           Bookshop or                           rounds, knowing when food           the dump that is now called a
                Girlfriends: “Ask any woman     www.TheDayWeWentToThePark             would appear at various houses.     landfill).
             how she makes it through the       .com  See her art exhibit sched-      We put the parts of fruits and         Clothing was never thrown
             day, and she may mention her       ule at           vegetables we couldn’t eat at the   away and rags were never pur-
             calendar, her to-do lists, her                                           edge of the garden to be tilled in.  chased. Amazing, isn’t it? Rags
             babysitter. But if you push her on                                          Some of my father’s cus-         came from the clothing that had
             how she really makes it through                                          tomers paid with milk and cream     stains or tears that couldn’t be
             her day, she will mention her girl-                                      from their farms. On Saturdays      mended. It seems every house-
             friends. ”                                                               these appeared on our front         hold had a sewing machine for
                Our bodies: “I’ve finally recog-                                      porch in glass bottles, which we    the purpose of mending, if not for
             nized my body for what it is: a                                          washed and put out the next         sewing new clothes. Socks were
             personality-delivery system,                                             week to be picked up and used       darned, not tossed when they
             designed expressly to carry my                                           again.                              developed a hole.
             character from place to place,                                              Pop (or soda as some people         Cloth diapers had to be
             now and in the years to come.”                                           call it now) came in glass bottles,  washed and used until they wore out.
                Parenting: “Being a parent is                                         too. The boxes it came in held         I recycle, re-use, pass on to
             not transactional. We do not get                                         the bottles so they didn’t touch to  others, take plastic bottles home
             what we give. It is the ultimate                                         keep them from breaking. After      to recycle rather than throw them
             pay-it-forward endeavor: We are                                          drinking a bottle, we put the bot-  in the trash, etc. I think I inherited
             good parents not so they will be                                         tle back in a box to be returned    the recycling gene.
             loving enough to stay with us but
             so they will be strong enough to
             leave us.
                Quindlen, a long-time colum-                                                     ---- 55+ Classified Advertising ---
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            ing the commandment to 'Honor thy father and thy mother,'
            she asked, 'Is there a commandment that teaches us how to
            treat our brothers and sisters?'    Without missing a beat, one
            little boy answered, 'Thou shall not kill.'                                              Lincoln Memorial Park - 2 sites
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                 Dolezal's SJ - Antique and Collectible Buying 35th & B
              40 Years Related Experience Identifying Antiques & Collectibles.
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                appointment. Specialities / Purchases Include: Furniture,                             Single, Beautiful, Quiet Plot
                  Glassware, Pottery, Crockery, Lamps, Clocks, Coins,                       Lot 123 of section T-2, Space 4.  Close to the
                 All Types Jewelry, Wrist Watches, Needle Work, Toys,                            FOUR APOSTLES and Veterans area.
            Military Items, Vintage Clothing, Postcards, Advertising, Art, etc.                    Retail- $3995 - Reduced to $1595.
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