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                      Antique Values: Knowing the Basics
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             by Tom Bassett                                        #4 Frog & Lily
                Tom lives in Lincoln                             Pad, Value $170;
             and is a member of the                                #5 Rooster
             New England                                         Head, Value
             Appraisers Association                              $275.
                                          Should you
                                                                 wish to see match
                Before the dispos-                               safes firsthand,
             able lighter, there were                            there is likely one
             the Zippo lighters and                              or more at an
             a host of competitors.                              antique shop
             Many of us remember                                 nearby.
             the free books of                                   Hopefully you
             matches on counter-                                 didn’t toss the one
             tops at restaurants,                                that was in your
             service stations,                                   grandpa’s desk
             motels, etc.  But way                               drawer.
             before matchbooks
             people owned something called a        Happy Antique Hunting!
             match safe.  A small                Thanks to my friend, Larry
                1 ½ “x 2 ½” metal “box” that     Kassebaum, for pictures of
             protected a person’s wooden         several of his match safes.
             matches.  During
             the 1800s, this
             was a very impor-
             tant item to own.
             Prior to cigarette
             lighters, matches
             were an impor-
             tant necessity of
             life.  Cookstoves,
             Kerosene lamps,
             fireplaces, can-
             dles all required a
             match to create a
                Keeping one’s
             matches dry was
             very important.
             Some match
             safes were plain little
             boxes, and most had a
             “striker” on the side                                                                                Downtown Lincoln NE in 1938
             where the match could
             be scratched and ignit-
             ed.  However, some
             folks had more elabo-
             rate match safes.
             Some were sterling and
             many silver plated.
             Some depicted a hunt-
             ing scene or a beautiful
             lady or an advertise-
             ment for local compa-
                Most of these impor-
             tant little items of yes-
             teryear are at least a century old.
             Some are very artistic and made
             a nice keepsake once they were
             no longer needed.  All are collec-
             tor’s items.  Because most every-
             one owned one or more, there are
             a significant number in existence.
             A quick check of “match safes” for
             sale on eBay shows that over
             2,000 are for sale.  Many fall in
             the $25 to $50 range.  However,
             some of the more unusual styles
             or ornate sterling match safes sell
             for $75 to over $300.
             The match safes pic-
             tured with this article    Bassetts' Appraisal Service

             fall into the “ornate and          We Appraise & BUY
             unusual” categories.
                #1 Dancing Nymph,        Coins ‐ Old Jewelry ‐ Antiques
             Value $100;
                #2 Laughing Face       
             (Animal?), Value $85;
                #3 Art Nouveau                   402-484-8143
             face,   sterling, Value

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