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Howard Hughes – Children?
                              Mystery and Confusion!

                By Mark Musick
                The mystery and
             confusion of Howard
             Hughes’ later life had
             gone largely unex-
             plained for decades.
             Then Eva McLelland
             launched on the
             scene with her story,
             finally clarifying the
             great bewilderment
             surrounding the later               interacted with her when she was
             years Hughes endured.  “Boxes:      a young girl in Houston, TX, and
             The Secret Life of Howard           again in the 1990’s.  She realized
             Hughes,” written by Douglas         her biological father had not died
             Wellman and Mark Musick,            in 1976, as was previously publi-
             relays her history changing story   cized through the media.  Every
             of his fake death in 1976, then     legal path Cindy pursued to
             decades of hiding from the pub-     establish herself to be a child of
             lic, finally dying in 2001.         Howard Hughes was thwarted.
                History, though, still reports       The only route confirming
             Hughes had no biological chil-      Cindy and John shared a com-
             dren.  History is not always accu-  mon father was through DNA
             rate!  John McDonald, born in       analysis.  For children with a
             1942, and Cindy Davis Hughes,       common parent there will be a
             born in 1957, both contacted the    50% DNA match.  Both agreed to
             authors and explained their sto-    the testing to determine what the
             ries. Initially, the authors were   scientific analysis would con-
             naturally skeptical.  After further   clude.  Sure enough, testing
             investigation, the  conclusion      revealed Cindy and John had a
             became both stories were accu-      common parent with the neces-
             rate, and they were included in     sary number of matching mark-
             the second edition of “Boxes.”      ers.
                Hughes interacted with both         If Hughes fathered these two
             children.   He enjoyed meals with   children, what about additional
             the family of John McDonald in      offspring?   Since the second edi-
             Los Angeles, CA, in the 1940’s.     tion of “Boxes” was released in
             Included in these dinners were      2016, multiple other individuals
             John’s father’s Mafia buddies.      have been in contact with the
             John bears an uncanny facial        authors.  It is much more likely
             resemblance to Howard!    It is     Hughes has more children, in
             hard to distinguish between the     addition to these two, than not!
             two gentlemen as seen in the
             picture.                                  The saga continues!
                Cindy Hughes recalls, with       History is not always what you
             amazing detail, how Howard                  have been told!

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