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--- Table of Contents ---                                20 - Aging Partners ..................... Randall S. Jones

                5  - From the Editor - Cover Art                                     20 - Life Coach ................................... Georgia Feiste
                5  - Cover Art                                                       21  - Book Review .................. Linda Stephen

                6  - News / Classified Ads                                           22  - A Backwards Glance ... Jo Ann Wagner
                3  - Lincoln Libraries .......................... Gail McNair        23 - Gary Brienzo - Thoughts
                7  - A Culture of Caring................ Karla Frese                 24 - Games We Played........................... Cliff Lowell
               10 - Antique Values ................. Tom Bassett                            Pages 8. 17, 18        - Calendar -
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               14 - Pets ..................... Allison Hunter-Frederick
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               From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                                 Cover Art - “Flying Free”

             It has been fifteen years since I                                        Judy (Jude) Martindale
          bought the Lincoln 55+ Seniors                                                I grew up in Neligh, Nebraska
          Paper. What a run! And it has been                                       where I enjoyed music, sewing,
          20 years since this paper was start-                                     painting and watching the birds. I
          ed. That says a lot! Our seniors                                         went on to study biology and art
          pick up and read our paper! And                                          at UNL in Lincoln. After training in
          advertiser appreciate our readers.                                       portraiture at the Art Student
             But it is time now for me to turn                                     League of New York, I earned a
          the work over to a more profession-                                      Masters in Scientific Illustration at
          al caretaker. Eleanor Creative, a                                        the University of Arizona.
          marketing and branding company                                                Painting became a hobby for
          has shown that they can be suc-                                          me while I raised my children and
          cessful with the Lincoln Kids Paper                                      taught Biology for Lincoln Public
          and now they will take over all                                          Schools. After retirement, I started
          aspects of publishing this paper.                                        to paint full time. I explore the
             I am sure they will serve our                                         relationship of color, form and line
          senior readers and advertiser in a                                       while painting images that range
          joyful manner. Please keep reading.                                      realism, impressionism and           poetry in places and imaginative
                                                                                   abstraction.                         artistic flights of fancy.
             Turn to my farewell message on page 24. I leave the rest of this           The joy I felt while watching   Throughout, “Flying Free” aims to
          space open as a visual invitation and welcome to the new owners.         cranes dance in the corn fields      restore our relationships with the
                                                                                   led to a series of paintings of      natural world, connections too
                                                                                   these birds. I wanted to share       often forgotten. Cranes embody
                                                                                   their beauty and encourage           life in bold ways that demand our
                                                                                   people to help protect them. It is   attention and reawaken our ties
                                                                                   an honor to announce that this       with nature. The book is available
                                                                                   collection is now on display at the   at the Great Plains Art Museum
                                                                                   Great Plains Art Museum in           and Francie and Finch
                                                                                   Lincoln. “The Great Migration: A     bookshop,130 South13th Street,
                                                                                   Celebration of Sandhill Cranes in    Lincoln.
                                                                                   Nebraska” will be shown from           Great Plains Art Museum,1155
                                                                                   January 19 through June 19,          Q Street in Lincoln - Tue-Sat, 10
                                                                                   2021. It includes 36 of my           a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                                   paintings in various sizes, art        To stay up-to-date on the
                                                                                   styles and media. I hope that you    museum’s hours, this exhibition
                                                                                   will be able to see the show in      and related events:
                                                                                   person, to feel the excitement that
                                                                                   cranes bring to Nebraska each          402-472-6620.
                                                                                   spring.                                     My abstract art is currently
                                                                                      I used some of my crane           represented in Anderson O’Brien
                                                                                   paintings to illustrate the book     in Omaha and the Burkholder in
                                                                                   “Flying Free”. The cover of the      Lincoln. I am a signature member
                                                                                   book is my self portrait with a      of the International Society of
                                                                                   flying crane and symbolizes          Experimental Artists, Association
                                                                                   bonding with nature. It is about     of Nebraska Arts Club and a
                                                                                   the migration, behavior, and the     member of the Fremont Area Art
                                                                                   vitality of these unique birds. It   Association. For more about my
                                                                                   includes reflections on why          art:
                                                                                   cranes appeal to people, with

                                                             Thank you Lincoln                 Red Cloud

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