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---- 55+ Classified Advertising ---   30 Words
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                  For Sale at Lincoln Memorial Park                                         For Sale at Lincoln Memorial Park

                        Must sell, price slashed! 3 cemetery plots                                    Garden Section T-84, spaces 3-6.
                   G Sec., Lot 295 spaces 1,2,3.  Will sell separately.                          4 adjacent spaces Valued at $4,000 each.
                       Value $4295 each. Will sell for $1500 each.                             Asking $3,500 for a pair  or $7,000 for all four
                               Call Glenda  402-450-0033. 0q3                                              Call 402-202-4860      1q1

                   Single,  beautiful quiet plot - lot 123 of section T-2,                                     For Sale - 2 sites
                 space 4.  Close to the four apostles & veteran's area.                                 2 spaces – Lot 48, Section Q-2
                         Retail $3995 - reduced to $1295    0q1                            Value - $7,990 – Sell for $3,600 includes transfer fee
                 Email Lana at call 559-570-8890
                                                                                                         3 spaces – Lot 88, Section R
                                                                                           Value - $11,985 – Sell for $5400 includes transfer fee
                   Space available - Lot 67, Space 1 in the C-Garden                      Call 402-570-9622 or email  0q2
                          Retail:  $5100 / Offering at $3500 OBO
                   Includes transfer fee.     Call Teri at  308-730-8067
                                                                                                   3 Cemetery plots - Beautiful G Section,
                          or email    0q2
                                                                                                             Lot 295, spaces 1,2,3.
                                                                                                     Reduced from $4295 to $2150 each.
                  Two plots in one of the oldest parts of the cemetery.                                      Photos and details at
                 Gate 2, Section G, Lot 461, Spaces 1 &12. $3300 each                   or 402-450-0033.     0q2
                  Cremated burial for two people allowed in one plot.
                             Contact Sonia 402-936-4425   0q4
                                                                                                  For Sale. A two-person vertical crypt.
                                                                                            Entry at Gate 3 and close to the funeral home.
               For sale! A side-by-side companion crypt at ground level                     The burial vault is complete and ready to use.
                   in Mausoleum Building 4 at Lincoln Memorial Park.                    Person #1 will be buried and the casket is enclosed.
                 Current value $20,495 sale price $15,000 or best offer.                           Casket for person #2 will go on top.
                                     Call (402) 314-0677                                            Value is $7500. Selling for $4000.
                      to leave message and a call back number. 0q3                                      Call 402-488-6847    0q3 Holm

                                                                                                             Masonic Circle - 1 lot
                                   3 spaces side-by-side                                   Lot K 334, Plot 10 Center aisle to the Masonic Shrine.
                           in the Masonic Garden, Section M-2.                                     Retail price is $4,995 selling for $2,500
                        Going price is $12,000 for all three,  0q2 rene                                      including transfer fee.
                   selling for $7,000 + transfer fee. Call 402-616-7226
                                                                                                  Call 214-529-7089, Kathryn Hotchkiss.  0q3

                       Companion Lawn Crypt with 2 preset vaults                                            For Sale - 2 Sites. 0q3
                           C-3 #69   Total selling price is $3,500                       Lawn Crypt, Vault for 2, Stone memorial and install
                              which includes the transfer fee.                                         Unit 4, Section D-1, Space 82,
                                   Call 402-984-5646.   0q3                             Value $8845, selling for $3000 includes transfer fee.

                             Please Contact these people.                                     3 spaces ‚ Section G, Lot 60, Spaces 1, 2, 3
                                 Feel Free to Negotiate !                                Value $14985 - Sell for $6000 includes transfer fee.
                      “It is always a good idea to Plan Ahead”                            Call 334-467-3129 or email

                                             Why It’s Important to Sign Up as an Organ Donor

                Every single day of every single   However, according to Bremers, oth-  plantation if it is needed but also to   “Things are better. You appreciate
             week and every single year, an aver-  ers can still be bone, tissue and eye   sign up as a donor.            things you took for granted,” he
             age of 18 people die while waiting for   donors. “One tissue donor can help   She also offers one other piece of   acknowledged. “My wife, Jackie, and
             an organ transplant, according to    50 people,” he revealed.            advice. “I encourage everyone to not   I have been married 29 years so I
             Donate Life America. Perhaps all of    Signing up is a simple process.   only sign up to be a donor but talk   have a lot to live for. I think we are
             those deaths might not have been     Anyone can sign up online by going   about it with your family, bridge club,   stronger as a family and appreciate
             prevented but a great number of      to       grandchildren, nieces, nephews,     family more.”
             those people are not offered the     A person can also register when     everyone,” she said. “Make your        Being twice blessed, Duryea is
             opportunity because the need grossly   renewing their driver’s license or   wishes known and share with others   huge advocate for educating the pub-
             outweighs the number of available    state identification with the       the importance of being a donor.”   lic on the need for organ donors.
             organs.                              Department of Motor Vehicles.          Duryea and his family are twice     “When you go through life how
                The big question is “why?”  and     Not everyone, however, needs to   blessed by donors. Not only has he   many things can you do to make
             the answer is simple: not enough     be convinced of the importance of   had a heart transplant but his daugh-  things better?” he asked. “We need
             people make the selfless decision to   donation. Sandy Jacobs and Rich   ter is a liver recipient.           to educate the public on the impor-
             continue helping others following their  Duryea, both of Lincoln, are alive   When it was determined his     tance of donation because this is
             death through organ donation.        today due to the generosity of anony-  daughter was in need of a liver, his   something you can do.”
                A person’s decision to donate     mous benefactors.                   son was tested and found to be a       For more information on organ,
             their organs can be influenced by a    Jacobs, who had been living with   match. The family agreed it would be   eye and tissue donation, or to regis-
             variety of myths. Probably one of the   Hepatitis C, was diagnosed in July   best for her if the procedure was   ter online, go to
             biggest myths is that senior citizens   with liver cancer, tested in August   done while her liver was still function-
             are unable to serve as organ, eye or   and received her new liver in 2013.   ing relatively well.
             tissue donors, according to Doug       “I was going to reject a transplant   In 2012, the procedure was per-               How
             Bremers, manager of Donate  Life     in favor of a younger person because   formed and part of her brother’s liver   Transplanted Tissues
             Services at the Nebraska Medical     I thought they deserved a chance at   was transplanted into Duryea’s               Are Used
             Center.                              a longer, better life. But I’ve reached   daughter. The liver is the only organ
                There is no upper age limit to sign   a destination I never anticipated,”   which will regenerate itself.
             up as a donor,” Bremers said.        acknowledged Jacobs, who was days      “That was tough knowing both of   Corneas help restore site lost
             “Everyone can potentially be a       away from her 58th birthday when    the kids were in surgery at the same   due to accidents or disease
             donor, especially those 55 and       she received her transplant.        time,” he acknowledged.             Heart valves replace damaged
             older. Anyone from newborns to 90      The healthy new liver allowed her    Unfortunately, complications made   valves caused by age, dis-
             or older can be an organ, eye or tis-  to become the first such person to   it impossible for the new liver to   ease or birth defects
             sue donor. Nothing rules out anyone   undergo a new Hepatitis treatment   remain viable; however, a successful   Bone can prevent amputation
             until their organs can be examined.”   that carried a 90 percent success   transplant was later performed.      and help regain lost mobility
                In fact, Bremers noted nationally,   rate as opposed to older treatments   Later that year his daughter, who
             the oldest donor was  92 years old.   which worked roughly half the time.   was still in the hospital, noticed   Skin helps burn victims and
             Aside from the fact people are dying   Treatments were started immediately   Duryea was not looking well. He had   recovering breast cancer
             daily waiting for transplants, Bremers   in order to keep the blood-borne dis-  a history of congestive heart failure,   patients
             also cited a little known statistic   ease from attacking her new liver.   and was transferred from Bryan    Veins help restore circulation
             regarding organ donors.                Today Jacobs says she is “enter-  Hospital to The Nebraska Medical       in the heart and lungs
                “Only one to two percent of       ing the second act.” “This liver came   Center and placed in the cardiac pro-  Connective tissue repairs sport
             deaths are eligible for organ dona-  with a warm, happy smile,” she      gressive care unit. At that time he    injuries and aids in cleft
             tion. That is why it is so important for   recalled writing to the family of her   was given six months to live.   palate reconstruction
             people to sign up,” he explained. “In   13-year old donor’s family. “This has   He received a left ventricular
             order to be an organ donor, the body   opened huge hangar doors of oppor-  assist device (LVAD) and roughly
             cannot be deprived of oxygen.”       tunity.”                            three and a half months later          Give the most precious
                In other words, donors must be      Not only does Jacobs encourage    received his new heart.                    gift of all... LIFE!
             brain dead with functioning organs.   people to seriously consider trans-

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