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Chatelaine Residences                                        A Culture of Caring - with Karla Frese

                                                                                         With you,                                     We have intro-
                                                                                        I am home.                                  duced new protocols
                                                                                       Being in a famil-                            during this hyper-
                                                                                    iar environment                                 aware time, which we
                                                                                    among one's own                                 plan to continue after
                                                                                    possessions and                                 the pandemic as they
                                                                                    memories, is the                                promote a healthy
                                                                                    best place to pro-                              environment for our
                                                                                    mote health and                                 team members and
                                                                                    healing. This is                                client families. One
                                                                                    especially true dur-                            practice that we will
                                                                                    ing this time of                                continue is regular
                                                                                    COVID-19 safety                                 screenings to monitor
                                                                                    measures as sen-                                changes in our care-
                                                                                    iors' emotional ties to their famil-  givers and clients' health that may
                                                                                    iar environment are increasing.     be symptoms of COVID-19, the
                                                                                    Due to the additional emotions,     flu, or a cold.
                                                                                    individuals are searching for ways    We hear from families they
                        55+ Mature -                                                to delay moving out of their home   want more eyes and ears on their
                                                                                                                        loved ones now because they
                                                                                    to receive care and have found
                           Independent Living Community                             the answer to be a Home Care        can’t visit themselves. “It is a
                                                                                    Partners team. Families who are     pleasure to support adult children
                      Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle                            delaying a move into an Assisted    who live outside of the communi-
                    in our secure, spacious apartments.                             Living Community can find that      ty. Our Care Management team
                          ----                                                      Home Care plus Care                 partners with them to ensure their
                                                                                                                        parents safety and well-being,
                                                                                    Management is an alternative
            Adjacent to Holmes Lake                   Chatelaine                    solution.                           which offers them peace of mind
              Affordable, Spacious                                                     Our caregivers enjoy helping     during the pandemic when they
                                                      Residences                    clients stay active and engaged in  are unable to be present.” Care
                 Security Access                   6201 Normal Blvd.                their homes by planning activities   Management adds value to the
                                                                                                                        rest of the care continuum by col-
                                                                                    that promote emotional well-
              Underground Parking                  Lincoln 486-4165                 being. Caregivers assist clients    laborating with all health service
                Large Party Room                                                    with technology to keep in touch    providers involved to monitor both
                                               Mon-Thurs. - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                    with Kitchen                 Friday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.           with family members who are         physical and mental health, and
                                                                                    unable to visit inside the home,
                                                                                                                        reduce hospitalization and read-
            Social Activities & Coffees                                             especially during the winter        missions. We track progress and
                                                                                    months. With social and physical    improvement and proactively
               The Atheist Holiday              The commander was shocked. “So,     distancing in mind, public outings   address factors that are concern-
             In Florida, an atheist became    you’re telling me the paint on that   to the zoo and Holmes Lake are a  ing or could lead to an issue.
          incensed over the preparation for   bench hasn’t dried yet?!”             couple activities our caregivers      Karla Frese works for Home
          Easter and Passover holidays and                     plan to keep clients active outside  Care Partners at phone 402-769-
          decided to contact the local ACLU                of the home.                        2179, karla@homecarepartner-
          about the discrimination inflicted on   jokes/?jokeid=1376                                          
          atheists by the constant celebrations
          afforded to Christians and Jews with all
          their holidays while the atheists had no   Oh, to Be a Prawn Again
          holiday to celebrate.                 Far away in the tropical waters of
             The case was brought before a    the Caribbean, two prawns were swim-
          wise judge who after listening to the   ming around in the sea - one called
          long, passionate presentation of the   Justin and the other called Christian.
          lawyers, promptly banged his gavel    The prawns were constantly being
          and declared, “Case dismissed!”     harassed and threatened by sharks
             The lead lawyer immediately stood   that inhabited the area. Finally one day
          and objected to the ruling and said,   Justin said to Christian, “I’m fed up with
          “Your honor, how can you possibly dis-  being a prawn, I wish I were a shark,
          miss this case? Surely the Christians   then I wouldn’t have any worries about
          have Christmas, Easter and many     being eaten.”
          other observances. And the Jews ‚“    Then a large mysterious cod
          why in addition to Passover they have   appeared and said, “Your wish is grant-
          Yom Kippur and Hanukkah . . . and yet   ed” - and, lo and behold, Justin turned
          my client and all other atheists have no   into a shark.
          such holiday!”                        Horrified, Christian immediately
             The judge leaned forward in his   swam away, afraid of being eaten by
          chair and simply said “Obviously your   his old sea mate. Time passed (as it
          client is too confused to know about, or   invariably does) and Justin found life
          for that matter, even celebrate the   as a shark boring and lonely.
          atheists’ holiday!”                   All his old mates simply swam away
             The lawyer pompously said: “We   whenever he came close to them.
          are aware of no such holiday for athe-  Justin didn’t realize that his new men-
          ists. Just when might that be, Your   acing appearance was the cause of his
          Honor?”                             sad plight.
             The judge said, “The calendar says   While swimming alone one day he
          April 1st is fools day. Psalms 14:1   saw the mysterious cod again and he
          states, “The fool says in his heart,   thought perhaps the mysterious fish
          there is no God.” Thus it is the opinion   could change him back into a prawn.
          of this court that, if your client says   He approached the cod and begged
          there is no God, then he is a fool.   to be changed back, and lo and
             “Therefore April 1st is his day court   behold, he found himself turned back
          is adjourned..”                     into a prawn.
              The fool says in his heart, “There   With tears of joy in his tiny little
          is no God.” ‚“ Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1   eyes Justin swam back to his friends
             HOORAY FOR THIS JUDGE            and bought them all a cocktail. Looking
                                              around the gathering at the reef he
                                              realized he couldn’t see his old pal.
                The Secure Bench              “Where’s Christian?” he asked.
             A new general was allotted to a    “He’s at home, still distraught that
          new army base. After some time in the   his best friend changed sides to the
          base, he realized how there were two   enemy and became a shark”, came the                      Husker Stadium
          army men guarding an empty bench in   reply.
          shifts.                               Eager to put things right again and
             He asked his colleagues and his   end the mutual pain and torture, he set
          juniors what it was all about. A col-  off to Christian’s abode. As he opened
          league said, “I don’t know but it’s been   the coral gate memories came flooding
          a tradition here since joined 35 years   back. He banged on the door and
          ago.” The general, as confused as he   shouted, “It’s me, Justin, your old
          was, went through the past generals of   friend, come out and see me again.”
          that base till he found the one that was   Christian replied,”No way man,
          in charge 35 years ago.             you’ll eat me. You’re now a shark, the
             He attempted to find him and found   enemy, and I’ll not be tricked into being
          that he had retired, and he lived in the   your dinner.”
          countryside now. He contacted him     Justin cried back “No, I’m not. That
          and requested to meet.              was the old me. I’ve changed....
             On the day of the meeting the gen-         I’ve found Cod.
          eral asked the retired commander why    I’m a Prawn again, Christian.”
          that bench was guarded so much.
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