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Gone From My Sight

                       by Henry Van Dyke
          I am standing upon the
            seashore. A ship, at my side,
          spreads her white sails to the      Shawn Pierce - This poem by
            moving breeze and starts            Van Dyle was read at a dear
          for the blue ocean. She is an         friend’s funeral, the first time
            object of beauty and                I heard it, about a week
            strength.                           before she died I wrote the
          I stand and watch her until, at       following ,
            length, she hangs like a
            speck                             Home will Never be in this
          of white cloud just where the         World, Evermore
            sea and sky come to mingle
            with each other.                  How can I say goodbye
                                              How can I watch from this
          Then, someone at my side              shore
            says, "There, she is gone."       As your ship sails beyond
                                              I have trusted in faith
          Gone where?                         As the master of the vessel
                                              Has left for safe harbor before
          Gone from my sight. That is         But this time I stare from the
            all. She is just as large in        shore
            mast,                             Saddened at the coming of the
          hull and spar as she was when         day
            she left my side.                 My heart torn by the parting
          And, she is just as able to bear    I watch as you sail
            her load of living freight to     Until the mast is far gone
            her destined port.                I turn once more to home
                                              Weary of the journey
          Her diminished size is in me --     Knowing even more
            not in her.                       The thing I knew before
                                              Home will never be in this
          And, just at the moment when          world
            someone says, "There, she         Evermore
            is gone,"
          there are other eyes watching
            her coming, and other voic-                                                                                           Art by Ben Darling
          ready to take up the glad
            shout, "Here she comes!"

          And that is dying...

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