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People all over                                determined by the
          the world resolve                                 toss of a coin.
          arguments and                                     Coin flips have an
          make decisions                                    impact on larger
          using the time-hon-                               issues, too. In the
          ored tradition of flip-                           UK, if two candi-
          ping a coin, but did                              dates for office
          you ever wonder                                   receive exactly the
          how the practice                                  same number of
          started? It turns out                             votes (after three
          that there's not a                                recounts), the
          whole lot of informa-                             election can be
          tion out there about                              decided by a coin
          the origins of the                                flip.
          coin flip, but here's                                So while the
          what we know:                                     origins of flipping
             Where it all began - While      a coin remain shrouded in mys-
          the birth of metal coinage can be  tery, it's a practice that's
          traced back to the 7th century     employed all over the world. And
          BC, one of the first accounts of   whether the venue is the Super
          coin flipping comes from Roman     Bowl, the British Houses of
          times when the practice was        Parliament or a humble living
          called navia aut caput ("ship or   room on movie night, it seems
          head"). The Brits called it "cross  safe to say that children and
          and pile," while in Peru it's called  adults will continue to shout out
          cara o sello ("face or seal") to   "Heads" or "Tails" and watch
          this day. Some historians believe  breathlessly as the flipped coin
          that the game began in Ancient     determines their fate. From
          Greece where boys covered one
          side of a shell with black pitch   sored/sell-gold/the-history-of-the-
          and left the other side white      coin-flip
          before flipping it in the air.        Should I pick heads or tails?
             The coin flip today -              If the coin is being spun rather
          Wherever it started, the coin flip  than tossed, always choose
          has become a part of everyday      whichever side is lightest. On a
          life in all corners of the globe.  typical coin, the "Heads" side of
          American and Australian football   the coin will have more "stuff"
          games are started with a coin      engraved on it, causing Tails to
          toss to decide which team gets     show up more frequently than it
          the ball first. The outcome of     should. Choosing Tails in this sit-
          many cricket matches is decided    uation is usually the power
          by who gets to bat first -- also   play.Mar 29, 2009

                                                                                      The Lincoln Artists’ Guild will be showing art work at the Seward
                                                                                   Civic Center in Seward Nebraska during June through August.  The
                                                                                   address is 616 Bradford Street just a few blocks north of downtown
                                                                                   on 6th Street. The theme for the show is “Movie Magic. The Show is
                                                                                   in conjunction with Seward’s Fourth of July celebration. 2019 entrants:
                                                                                   Myrna Baade, Carmen Stineman, Joyce Jacobs, Will Rennick and
                                                                                   Don Duitsman
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