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World Friendship Day /
              International Day Of
            Friendship July 30, 2020

             The first World Friendship
          Day was proposed for 30 July                                                 Our 49th anniversary will be in September of this year. - Les
          1958 by the World Friendship                                              Letters to a Loved One – Written by Les Williams in ~ 2004 ?
          Crusade, an international civil                                              Phyllis, you came into my life thirty-three years ago and on the
          organization that campaigns to                                            day I said “I do,” my life became complete.
          foster a culture of peace through   or Celebrate Friendship Day              Together we’ve traveled down the many twists and turns on the
          friendship. Many years later, in      2020 on August 2, Sunday            road of life. Sometimes we took the scenic route, other times not.
          2011, the 30th July was declared    Or Any Day can be a friends day.      Our path has not always been smooth, as we from time to time have
          as the International Day of                                               encountered bumps in the road.
          Friendship by the General                  I Have Learned                    Often we pause to count the many blessings God has bestowed
          Assembly of United Nations.         I've Learned....That life is like a   upon on us. For me one of those was the moment you walked into
             With the growing popularity of     roll of toilet Paper. The Closer    Pauley Lumber and took my breath away.
          social media throughout the           it gets to the end, the faster it      You are my strength, the rock I lean upon for support during times
          world, there has been an              goes.                               of trouble or sorrow. You’re the one I share joyous moments with, a
          increase in celebrating World       I've Learned....That we should be     laugh, or just a knowing smile. Because of your encouragement and
          Friendship day and International      glad God doesn't give us            support, I’ve been able to achieve goals I would never have imag-
          Day of Friendship online as well      everything we Ask for.              ined possible before we two became one. And through it all, one
          as with community activities in     I've Learned....That money does-      thing has remained constant - our faith and love has never wavered.
          local communities aimed at bring-     n't buy class.                      As we enter our Golden Years, I’ll echo the words of Robert
          ing those of different back-        I've Learned...That it's those        Browning - “Come grow old with me. The Best is yet to come.”
          grounds together.                     small daily happenings that            I have truly been blessed by the love we share. You are my best
             Have you lost touch with an        make life so Spectacular.           friend, the light, and love of my life. Now and forever      Les
          old friend? Or have you been put-   I've Learned... That under every-     Williams
          ting off getting in touch with your   one's hard shell is someone            P.S. This is our favorite picture taken in front of the fire place of
          friends? Take time this National      who wants to Be appreciated         our old Newton Street house
          Friendship Week to send them a        and loved.
          text (or better yet, CALL) and set  I've Learned....That the Lord did-       Editor’s Note - Lincoln 55+ Senior readers are encouraged to sub-
          up dinner plans or coffee for         n't do it all in one Day. What      mit personal letters for anniversaries, birthdays, and any holiday like
          lunch later this evening. Maybe       Makes me think I can?               Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s day. A letter to a
          your best friends live far away;    I've Learned....That to ignore the    spouse, child or grandchild who is no longer with us may be just
          send them an eCard or set aside       facts does not change the           what you need to share. Please send contact information as we
          30 minutes to catch up with them      Facts.                              must be able to confirm that you are the writer. Your phone number
          over the phone or Skype.            I've Learned....That the less time    or email would be best. Space may be limited in the paper but it will
          Isolation causes stress, for          I have to work, the more things     always be good to put down on paper what you feel in your heart.
          National Friendship Week get          I get Done.                             If you have email, please send to

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