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Protect Yourself from                    Dog Quotes
                Social Security Scams -                                                  CITY URGES RESIDENTS TO PROTECT
                Scammers are pretending to       "You can say any fool thing to a dog,          THEMSELVES FROM COVID-19
             be government employees.               and the dog will give you this look
             Scammers will try to scare and         that says, `My God, you're RIGHT!     On June 1, the vast majority of
             trick you into giving them your        I NEVER would've thought of        businesses in Lancaster County,
                                                    that!'" -- Dave Barry
             personal information and money.     "It's not the size of the dog in the  including bars, are allowed to oper-
             They may threaten you or your          fight, it's the size of the fight in the  ate with a 50-percent restriction on
             family and may demand immedi-          dog." -- Mark Twain                occupancy.  Mayor Leirion Gaylor
             ate payment to avoid arrest or       "A boy can learn a lot from a dog:   Baird and Pat Lopez, Interim Director
                                                                                       of the Lincoln-Lancaster County
             other legal action.                    obedience, loyalty, and the impor-  Health Department (LLCHD), said
                DON'T BE FOOLED!  IF YOU            tance of turning around three      the local Directed Health Measure
             RECEIVE A SUSPICIOUS CALL:             times before lying down." -- Robert  (DHM) to prevent the spread of
                •   Hang up!                        Benchley                           COVID-19 has been updated to align
                •   DO NOT give them money        "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's  with the state DHM.
             or personal information!               best friend. Inside a dog, it's too   The new Lancaster County DHM
                                                    dark to read." -- Groucho Marx
                •   Report the scam at            "The more I know about people,       will continue to provide industry-spe-
             OIG.SSA.GOV!                           the better I like my dog." -- Mark  cific requirements for operation and
                Social Security may call            Twain                              will include the following provisions:
             you in some situations but           "Did you ever notice when you blow   • Gatherings are limited to 25 peo-  framework for how we can continue
             will never                             in a dog's face he gets mad at       ple or 25 percent of occupancy,   to achieve both and successfully
                                                                                         whichever is greater.
                •   Threaten you                    you? But when you take him in a    • At gatherings, restaurants and    navigate through a new phase of the
                •   Suspend your Social             car he sticks his head out the win-  bars, groups must be limited to no  pandemic.”
             Security Number                        dow." -- Steve Bluestone             more than six individuals, and at   The mayor emphasized that dur-
                •   Demand immediate pay-         "Dogs laugh, but they laugh with       least six feet of separation      ing the pandemic, “The individual
             ment from you                          their tails. What puts man in a      between groups must be main-      actions of our community members
                                                    higher state of evolution is that he
                •   Require payment by cash,        has got his laugh on the right end."  tained.                          will continue to be the key to limiting
             gift card, pre-paid debit card, or     - Max Eastman                      • Bar patrons are to remain seated  the spread of the virus. We must
                                                                                                                           continue to take care of one another,
             wire transfer                        "A dog barks when his master is        unless ordering drinks or using the  and thorough handwashing, physical
                •   Ask for gift card numbers       attacked. I would be a coward if I   restroom.  Pool, darts and arcade  distancing, and face masks are
                                                                                         games will be prohibited.
             over the phone or to wire or mail      saw that God's truth is attacked   • All indoor and outdoor locations or  absolutely critical to doing just that.”
             cash                                   and yet would remain silent." --     venues that hold 500 or more indi-  “We will continue to work with
                What to look out for                John Calvin                          viduals will be required to submit  business and industry to assist them
                •   The call or email says        "I think we are drawn to dogs          plans for reopening to LLCHD for  in making smart decisions about how
             there is a problem with your           because they are the uninhibited     approval. The plan must contain   to keep our community safe as we
             Social Security Number or              creatures we might be if we          the planned number of guests and  change some of our current restric-
                                                    weren't certain we knew better." --
             account.                               George Bird Evans                    how the location will meet social  tions,” said Lopez.
                                                                                                                             More information on COVID-19
                •   Someone asking you to         " A wise man associating with the      distancing requirements and sani-  and the City’s response is available
             pay a fine or debt with retail gift    vicious becomes an idiot; a dog      tation guidelines.                at
             cards, wire transfers, pre-paid        travelling with good men becomes   • Gyms, fitness centers and clubs,
                                                                                         and health spas are limited to 25
             debit cards, internet currency, or     a rational being." --Arabian         people or 50 percent of occupan-     The website includes information
             by mailing cash.                       Proverb                              cy, whichever is greater.         on how those with symptoms of
                •   Scammers pretend they’re      "When the old dog barks it is time to  • Non-contact team sports can     COVID-19 can be tested in Lincoln.
             from Social Security or another        watch." -- Latin Proverb             begin practice June 1, and games    The disease has been named
             government agency. Caller ID or      "If you are a dog and your owner       can begin June 18. Contact sports  “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbrevi-
             documents sent by email may            suggests that you wear a sweater.    like basketball, tackle football,  ated “COVID-19”).
                                                    . . suggest that he wear a tail." --
             look official but they are not.        Fran Lebowitz                        soccer, and wrestling remain pro-
                •   Callers threaten you with     "Did you ever walk into a room and     hibited.
             arrest or other legal action.          forget why you walked in? I think  • Vehicle parades and dance
                Protect yourself, friends,          that's how dogs spend their lives."  recitals are allowed, but other
             and family!                            --Sue Murphy                         parades, midways, dances, street
                                                                                         dances, and beer gardens are
                •   If you receive a question-    "It's funny how dogs and cats know     prohibited through June 30.
             able call, hang up and report it at    the inside of folks better than other  • No changes are being made to
                               folks do, isn't it?" --Eleanor H.    the measures related to childcare
                •   Don’t be embarrassed to         Porter                               facilities or restaurant capacity.
             report if you shared personal        "To his dog, every man is Napoleon.
                                                    Hence the constant popularity of
             information or suffered a financial    dogs." --Aldous Huxley                “In this pandemic, the priorities of
             loss                                 "Old age means realizing you will    ensuring both our public health and
                •   Learn more at                   never own all the dogs you wanted  our economic recovery are interwov-
                      to." --Joe Gores                   en – one cannot be achieved without
                                                                                       the other,” said Mayor Gaylor  Baird.
                •   Share this information with                 Continued next issue   The most recent changes provide a
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