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                4  - Guest Artist ........................... Tim Howell 2014        18 - City of Lincoln.. Covid Press Release
                5  - From the Editor                                                 19 - Coffee with an Elephant .... Robbie Nathan

                5  - A Backwards Glance ... Jo Ann Wagner                            20 - Aging Partners ..................... Randall S. Jones
                6  - News / Classified Ads                                           20 - Life Coach ................................... Georgia Feiste
                7  - Book Review ........................ Linda Stephen              21 - Lincoln Libraries .......................... Gail McNair
                7  - A Culture of Caring................ Karla Frese                 24 - On the Farm  ................... Cliff Lowell

               10 - Antique Values ....................... Tom Bassett               24 - Barb Carlson
               14 - The Real Bill Budler                                                    Pages 17, 18             - Calendar -
                                                                                   Special Events - Music / Performing Arts - Entertainment /
                                                                                   Books - Lectures / Museums - Sports / Wineries / Clubs /
                                                                                   Support Groups / Out of Town

                From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                         Gramercy Hill’s New Ad Concept

             You will notice several                                                  Cover Ad - Gramercy Hill,        while also offering residents
          changes in this issue of the 55+.                                        offers Independent Living and       sought-after amenities and pri-
          Due to uncertainty caused by the                                         Assisted Living services in         vacy.
          2020 Pandemic, many events for                                           Lincoln. Located on 6 acres of         Residents are warmheart-
          the summer calendar have been                                            luscious gardens and floral         ed, interesting people who
          cancelled or postponed. Instead
          of filling the usual five pages with                                     walking paths, our community        enjoy the freedom of Assisted
          events, the calendar is only two                                         invites residents to enjoy com-     Living –  freedom from the
          pages. Our readers will need to                                          fort and relaxation while taking    worries and dangers of solitary
          make calls or look on the internet                                       advantage of exceptional            living and cooking and clean-
          for events that are rescheduled or                                       services.                           ing  in surroundings that are
          To Be Announced (TBA).                                                      We offer residents a vibrant     kind and gracious – with the
             As a result, the paper has only                                       lifestyle that encourages           knowledge of knowing some-
          24 pages in this issue. This also                                        health and independence             one is always at hand if help
          required us to remove the Church                                         through innovative recreation-      is needed.
          Listings, the Senior Discount sec-
          tion and a couple of our regular                                         al, educational, health and            Social events let residents
          columns. Please know that these     mixed up with another ad. It took    wellness programs.                  get to know new friends and
          items should all be back in the     us a while to sort out the error.       Spacious apartments pro-         include everything from book
          Fall issue. Pandemic Willing!       Please, Give her a call if you       vide peace of mind with             clubs to social hours and day
             You have noticed the new 55+     need help with your home.            thoughtful safety features          trips.
          cover which is now a half page.        The 55+ continues to share
          We expect this will make a nicer    classified ads from folks who
          display on the distribution racks.  have cemetery plots to sell. It is
             We were afraid that our sales    interesting to hear all the stories                Cars - by Jo Ann Wagner
          might go down for the summer        about why people want or need
          issue, but this has not been the    to sell. Several people simply           Do you remember                              extremely hot.
          case. Gramercy Hill Retirement      moved away from Lincoln to be         full service gas sta-                              We didn’t have
          Community is placing a new ad       near the kids and grandkids.          tions? We’d drive up                            much for entertain-
          on the bottom half of the cover        Rest  assured that these lots      and an employee                                 ment as we drove –
          page. This should garner great      are not “used” goods. They are        would come to the dri-                          asking “How much
          attention for them and we hope      the same type of spaces that you      ver’s window. If no one                         longer ‘til we get
          you will give them a call for a vir-  would buy if you go to the ceme-    showed up almost                                there?”; looking at
          tual tour and discussion about      tery’s management. A smart            immediately, we could                           the scenery; looking
          what they can offer.                buyer can save 30% to 50% by          honk our horn to let                            for out of state
             ALLO Communications is a         simply making some phone calls.       him know we were                                license plates and
          new advertiser.  Take a Look!       The deed for your lots will be        waiting. As the atten-                          counting how many
             Osher Lifelong Learning          transferred into your name and        dant came out, we’d                             different states we
          (OLLI) is encouraging folks to      the cemetery will provide all the     roll our window down                            saw; maybe reading
          take classes online. Zoom class-    same services for you.                and he would ask, “Fill                         if we could on the
          es are easy to use on a cell                                              ‘er up?” We’d probably                          bumpy roads; and
          phone or computer. This method       Thank you for reading the 55+        take two or maybe more gallons,    watching the roadside for Burma
          of connecting could be a great                                            if we had the money. The atten-    Shave signs. They were red with
          addition for people who still have       P.S. We are looking for          dant cleaned our windshield and    white letters and came in a series
          sharp minds but find it difficult to  information about our cover artist  asked if we wanted our oil         of five or six, such as the follow-
          travel. OLLI is asking seniors to   - Tim Howell. If you have contact     checked. We paid the attendant     ing:
          “Embrace a New adventure in          information for him, please ask      who would go inside to get            Past / Schoolhouses / Take
          Learning.”                                  him to contact us.            change for us if needed and bring  it slow / Let the little / Shavers
             Realtor, Sandra Schwab was         Also - the Piece is for sale and    it back. There was no charge for   grow / Burma Shave
          maligned by our humble newspa-         will help UNL Rotaract buy         all this service.                     Train approaching / Whistle
          per. Her ad, set for last fall, got           wheelchairs.
                                                                                       Running boards on the older     squealing / Stop / Avoid that
                                                                                    cars were pretty common. I even    run-down feeling / Burma
                                                                                    remember knowing some older        Shave
                                     Advertise Your -Business                       kids who had a car with a rumble      Can you imagine today’s kids
                                     Advertise Your -Business
                                                   in the                           seat. The car appeared to have     watching the road for something
                                                   in the
                                                                                    only one seat. The surprise with
                                                                                                                       so simple without getting bored?
                                    Lincoln 55+ Seniors  Paper                      that vehicle was that where one       Chevy made the popular cars
                                     Lincoln 55+ Seniors  Paper
                                           Call 402-742-0132
                                          Call 402-742-0132                         would expect a trunk, a second     when I was young. When I need-
                                                                                    seat hid. It could be pulled out to  ed a car to get to work, my father,
                                24,000+ Readers -15,000 Copies                      provide extra seating in the open  a mechanic, chose one for me.
                                                                                                                       Disappointment filled me when I
                                                                                    air, much like a convertible.
                                Distributed in and around Lincoln.                  Maybe you remember John Boy’s      saw the ugly, pea green 1949
                                   Published early in                               car on the TV show the Waltons.    Plymouth he had purchased. I
                                                                                    Of course, the rumble seat         paid for Ichabod and drove him,
                       March, June, September, December                             offered no protection from the     grateful to have a car to get me to
                                                                                    elements.                          work so I could save some
                                                                                       Air conditioning was provided   money for college, but I really
                                 Target Audience:                                   by rolling the window(s) down (by  wished he’d been a little better
                       55+ Seniors and their Families                               hand). I remember going through    looking. Since my father chose
                                                                                    a desert once on vacation. My      Kaisers and Frazers for the fami-
                                                                                    parents waited until late afternoon  ly, I probably shouldn’t have been
             Ad Rates  See                                    to start out. My mother rolled     surprised. His choices were made
                                                                                    down each back window a bit,       by the car’s history and who had
                Email -                                     and put a damp wash cloth in and   owned it. He chose reliability, not
                                                                                    rolled the windows back up. We
                                                                                                                       looks, and now I understand
                                                                                    drove all night, and it was still  much better than I did back then.
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