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Why should Seniors become           officers and delegates for the
               Coffee with an Elephant by Robbie Nathan                             involved with the Lancaster        state party is being conducted by
                                                                                     County Democratic Party?          phone. Attendees, regardless of
             HOW ARE YOU DOING?
                                                                                           By Jean Sanders             physical abilities, can dial in and
                                                                                      All elections are important, but  participate.
             The CoVid-19 pandemic has                                                                                       Other ways seniors
          brought multiple changes to lives                                        the 2020 November elections are
          and although this will not be for-                                       crucial. The Lancaster County              can help include:
          ever, it certainly seems unending.                                       Democratic Party (LCDP) is the      Volunteer. Provide information
          How are you doing? I ask                                                 strongest local support group for     about voter registration and
          because I wonder every day how                                           candidates and issues. To get         candidates at community
          I am managing to endure.                                                 involved, please send us your         events or assist with party
             As humans our basic survival                                          email at https://lancastercounty-     activities and fundraisers.
          inventory lists fundamental                                     Click on            Talk. Visit with Democrats in your
          needs: air (check), water (check),                                       "Volunteer Now."                      neighborhood. Explain and dis-
          food, shelter, and sleep (also all                                          LCDP Democrats are people.         cuss candidates and issues
          checked). CoVid now requires we       The creativity of humans living    They are diverse, holding similar     with voters.
          draw on those basics. The pan-     under the cloud of quarantine is      and opposing viewpoints and pri-    Be a Block Captain, and you’ll
          demic needs to be met head on      amazing. EVERY person choos-          orities. They must communicate,       receive a contact list, flyers,
          by us rising above each chal-      ing to adhere to the new restric-     collaborate, and compromise. As       training, etc. Make phone calls
          lenge with INITIATIVE e.g., visit-  tions brought by the CoVid-19        a result, interesting debates can     urging Get Out the Vote.
          ing our loved ones on the other    pandemic deserves a red cape          occur. The majority of LCDP         Write. Contribute stories and arti-
          side of their window; ADAPT-       and a hat stating “HERO.” There       members are concerned with            cles to the monthly newsletter
          ABILITY by using social media      are big champions and little          jobs, the economy, education,         and e-news.
          and creating virtual meetings via  champions, but we are ALL             environment, eliminating discrimi-    To volunteer, call 402-476-
          technology; CRITICAL THINK-        heroes.                               nation, and safety.                          2268 or email
          ING redesigning our education,                                              LCDP members are dedicated   
          shopping, family time and so          Robbie Nathan has learned a        to electing representatives who        Encourage and Inspire.
          much more by going “outside the    new way to say “I love you” ...”      will fight for issues important to  Grandparents and all seniors
          box” and LEADING BY INFLU-         Wash your hands.” She may be          their constituents. They know that  should encourage their grandchil-
          ENCE…washing hands ad infini-      reached at                            the so-called “down-ballot candi-   dren and all youths to register
          tum, wearing a mask in public,       dates” are equally, or more impor-  and vote. That’s right: Register
          choosing to self-isolate.          . Now, “wash your hands.”             tant than, the top of the ticket    and Vote. Voter registration
                                                                                   candidates. As Tip O’Neill remind-  recruitment doesn’t matter unless
                                                                                   ed us, “All politics is local.”     it is followed up by voting. That is
                Word for the Week                                                     The LCDP’s main meeting—         why we emphasize the impor-
                 by Allan Mallette                                                 the Central Committee—is on         tance of Get Out the Vote cam-
                   July 10, 2008                    Nebraska Weather               the third Tuesday of each month.    paigns.
             As Teresa and I were return-                                          Membership is encouraged, but          Donate. We are an all-volun-
          ing to Arkansas from our Alaska     The daffodils are blooming,          all volunteers are appreciated and  teer organization. Your donation
          trip, we were departing from the    The grass is getting green,          welcome to serve on commit-         supports printing, materials, and
          Minneapolis airport right at dark   The birds above are crooning,        tees—Public Relations,              equipment for our activities. We
          on the 4th. Fireworks displays      The air smells sweet and             Membership, Fundraising, Issues,    appreciate any support you can
          were all around the Twin-city       clean.                               Candidate and Elected Officials,    provide.
          area. At 10,000 to 15,000 feet,                                          Technology, History.                   Seniors can remind us all that
          we could even see kids, with        My bicycle stands                       People who are unable to         it is never too early to encourage
          bright sparklers, running around      and waits for me,                  attend in-person meetings can       kids’ political involvement. Your
          in their yards. It was an impres-   The garden soil is tilled,           still be involved. Age and physical  example matters. Children can
          sive site to see several large fire-  Life on the pond                   mobility need not be a reason to    learn a lot about civics and how
          works at one time at 30,000 feet!     is a sight to see,                 forego participation. We have 80+   governments work from you, their
          A matter of perspective! To cap     The bird feeders are all filled.     year old volunteers who help from   role models. If they see and hear
          this display off, the small sliver of                                    home and 80+ year old writers for   you discussing issues and candi-
          a moon was setting in the west-     But now the sky is darkening.        the newsletter.                     dates, their interest will be piqued,
          ern sky - God's exclamation         The winds are getting mean.             Opportunities abound. Due        and they will probably become
          point?                              The clouds above are                 to social distancing this year, the  interested in other non-profit
             Several random thoughts          harkening                            Lancaster County Democratic         activities as well.
          went through my brain as I          The trees begin to lean.             Party convention to elect county                 Join us.
          watched these firework displays
          from my vantage point in the sky.   Tornadoes to the East of us,
          If my light is just a little sparkler,  Ice out to the West,
            it can still be seen a long way   The weather’s going                                             Please
            off, especially up.                 to make a fuss,
          From the ground level, my one       And staying home is best.                                Support our
            prayer may not seem like
            much, but from above, com-        I was looking forward to                             55+ Advertisers
            bined with others, it is a huge   Spring,
            display.                          And then wouldn’t you know—                      Whenever you can.
          The darker it gets, the brighter    Winter’s determined to cling
            the light shines.                 AND NOW IT’S GOING TO
             God's quiet display still out-   SNOW!!!!
          shines any of man's brief and
          flashy achievements. It's a matter
          of perspective!  Trust Him !!!  AL

                 Gallup Poll - Here are the Twelve Items of
                  Engagement As measured by the Gallup
                     Congregational Engagement Index:

          1. As a member of my congre-          gation, my opinions seem to
             gation, I know what's expect-      count.
             ed of me.                        8. The mission or purpose of my
          2. In my congregation, my spiri-      congregation makes me feel
             tual needs are met.                my
          3. In my congregation, I regular-     participation is important.
             ly have opportunities to do      9. The other members of my
             what I do best.                    congregation are committed
          4. In the last month, I have          to spiritual growth.
             received recognition or praise   10. Aside from family members,
             from someone in my                 I have a best friend in my
             Congregation.                      congregation.
          5. The spiritual leaders in my      11. In the last six months.
             congregation seem to care          someone in my congregation
             about me                           has
             as a person.                       talked to me about the
          6. There is someone in my con-        progress of my spiritual
             gregation who encourages           growth.
             my                               12. In my congregation, I have
             spiritual development.             opportunities to learn and
          7. As a member of my congre-          grow.
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