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Rotary Serves ELL Moms at Everett
                                                                                        Rotary 14 has been focusing        Please know this.... Kids Love
                                                                                     much of its volunteer and finan-    to read!  Rotary reads to Pre-
                                                                                     cial help on Everett Elementary     school kids. We join them for
                                                                                     and the area South of Downtown      lunch time to hear their stories
                                                                                     where the school is located. In     and play a simple game called
                                                                                     addition to serving a               Spot-It. Anything that engages
                                                                                     Thanksgiving meal, club mem-        kids and brings them out is a joy
                                                                                     bers of read to some of the stu-    to watch.
                                                                                     dents each week, participate in       We visit the ELL mothers to
                                                                                     special school activities and vol-  encourage them in learning eng-
                                                                                     unteer in other ways. Just a year   lish. Their skills help their children
                                                                                     ago, the school playground was      do better. A few months after
                                                                                     completely rebuilt with a grant     Rotary provides Thanksgiving
                                                                                     from the club’s foundation. And,    dinner the mothers all prepare a
                                                                                     in the past year the club helped    feast for Rotarians to say thanks.
                                                                                     support the South of Downtown         For details on Rotary 14's
                                                                                     Art Hub, which provides a variety   school projects, see
                                                                                     of activities and programs for
                                                                                     Everett families and others in the  jects/everett.html

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