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                  From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                             Cover Art by Barb Patronsky

                                                    The toilet seat stays down          Barbara was born and raised in
                                                 most of the time unless I am        Knoxville, Tennessee, and raised her
                                                 cleaning it and forget. Changing    family there as well. She retired from
                                                 my habit took some serious effort   Tennessee Valley Authority and moved
                                                 and failures. More recently, the    to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1977.
                                                 lid also goes down ever since Dr.      Painting was a fluke experience with
                                                 Oz showed her that there is an      Barbara. She suffered a lengthy illness
                                                 air blast each time we flush.       after moving to Lincoln, and while recov-
                                                    I always try to clean up the     ering she floundered trying to find some-
                                                 kitchen after she has prepared a    thing of interest to do. She took classes
                                                 meal. I think this keeps her        on several subjects at SECC, one being
                                                 hands soft - so I gain a bit from   a tole painting class taught by Collen
                                                                                     Eubanks. Colleen stirred interest in art
                                                 this also.                          for Barbara that quickly blossomed. Most
                                                    I like to shop for groceries. I  of Barbara’s Work is with acrylics and
                                                 think she likes me to do this, too.  watercolors.
               Our house has been fighting          We spend time on the front          Barbara served as president of the
            with a bit of nasal “stuff” and for  porch about sunset whenever the     Lincoln Artists’ Guild for a period of three
            me - dry eyes. It seems that MY      weather permits. It is a great time  years and showed her work in the Guild’s gallery located in the
            dry eyes were rather severe. My      to catch up on the day and the      Haymarket. She has won a number of awards in competition shows.
            eyelids would get stuck in the       coming days. We also watch for      Barbara has found art to be a wonderful retirement hobby, and has
            middle of a blink. You may think     neighbors to come by with their     enjoyed getting to know so many wonderful people in the art world.
            this is a story about my little bits  pets. We love meeting new dogs        At the age of 95, Barbara feels God has richly blessed her with such
            of suffering but, no, my dry eyes    (and kids.)                         a wonderful, enjoyable hobby.
            led my to a valuable realization.       We travel - a lot. This past        Send greetings to her at Barb Patronsky, 227 Beaver Creek
               I have to admit, I was watch-     year, we visited:                   Parkway  Pelham, Al 35124
            ing a Hallmark movie on TV. You      Disney World,
            may ALL know that Hallmark only      France - to Normandy and
            airs uplifting stories that end well.  the Loire Valley
            Yes, it was sentimental and          Alaska - to Glacier Bay
            everyone said just the right         Washington DC - to celebrate the                        Read additional Posts
            things and love was in the air....     new Standing Bear Statue                          from the 55+    on Facebook
            And then it happened. I started to   Dublin - and great weather             Search for - Lincoln 55+ Seniors Topics
            weep with joy! And then they         Prague and a Danube
            said more good things and I was        River Cruise to Budapest
            quietly sobbing - inviting the          and soon Paris - our favorite
            sobs. It was nice - Like a beauti-      Sports is a big deal. I will even
            ful river.                           da-da-da the Nebraska song with
               I never claimed to be the         her after touchdowns. We love
            manly type and I even like to        volleyball -(anyone got tickets?)                                          Advertise
            think that I am sometimes appro-     Basketball, softball, and baseball.                                        Advertise
            priately empathetic. But this           We follow the Concordia
                                                                                                                               - Your -
            weeping was nice. Tears flooded      Women’s basketball team                                                       - Your -
            my dry eyes and my feelings,         because our friend, Grace Barry,
            wonderful feelings, came flooding    is a star. We traveled to the finals                                       Business
            in to my whole being. I wished       in Sioux City last year where they
            that everyone’s world could be as    won the National championship.                                                   in the
            wonderful as the lives portrayed        And this year, we traveled to                                                  in the
            on TV.                               Mason City, Iowa to enjoy The
                                                                                                                             Lincoln 55+
               Then, I realized how lucky I      Herman’s Hermits. Peter Noone                                               Lincoln 55+
            am to love my wife and to be         posed for a photo with Barbara
            loved by her. We both want the       after the show. They took one of                                               Seniors
            best for each other even if it       the best pictures ever. You
            means compromising or conced-        should see Barbara’s Smile. BIG.                                                 Paper
            ing or just staying quiet at the        Anyway, back to my story. By
            right time. She is much better at    watching the Hallmark show, I                                          Call 402-742-0132
            giving than I am and this realiza-   was able to clear my sinuses                                            Call 402-742-0132
            tion made me want to try harder to   completely and wash my eyes
            express love in  ways that will be   until they were bright and clean.           Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper
            meaningful to her.                   My emotions are cleansed also.
               Some of you know my line             I remembered how I love                24,000+ Readers -15,000 Copies
            that I often share ---- , “Barbara   “Little House on the Prairie”
            made the mistake of smiling at       shows for the same reasons.                Distributed in and around Lincoln
            me at work one day.”  Her smile      Seeing happy families makes me
            and her dimples are still the high-  very happy and a bit weepy.          Published early in March, June, September, December
            light of my days. We try to hug         Emotions have muscle and
            each other every morning and         each one needs to be exercised.                           Target Audience:
            before bed every night. No sur-      Tears of joy are rare in real life              55+ Seniors and their Families
            prises, just simple affection.       but maybe we can all find new
               I never know how to thank her     ways to open up!
            enough but here are a few of my                                           Ad Rates  See
            new habits and activities since         What will you do for love?
            we married 24 yeas ago.
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