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Part Time work - Grounds Maintenance Tech

                                                                                            NAI FMA Realty is                duties at commercial
                                                                                      searching for 1-2 depend-              properties in Lincoln.
                                                                                         able, self-motivated                15+ hours per week,
                                                                                           people to provide                   flexible. Call Scott
                                                                                        grounds maintenance               Vyskocil at 402-441-5800.
                   Holiday Awareness - Package thefts

                This is the time of year that we  delivered to an UPS Access Point      SEPARATION OF GRASS AND LEAVES ENDS DECEMBER 1
             will see an increase in package   Location for secure keeping
             thefts that are delivered and then  Leave with neighbor Provide             Beginning Sunday,                Residents can place their
             removed from individual resi-     Delivery Instructions Hold at UPS      December 1, Lincoln and          grass and leaves with their house-
             dences and apartment complex-     Will Call-UPS Customer Center          Lancaster County residents will  hold trash from December 1
             es. There are several delivery       FedEx: FedEx Delivery               no longer be required to sepa-   through March 31, however addi-
             options to avoid having packages  Manager : Hold at Location- 20         rate grass and leaves from       tional fees may be charged for
             stolen:                           locations FedEx will deliver to and    their household trash.  The      their regular waste collection
                Amazon Delivery Options:       hold at location, including various    Nebraska Integrated Solid        based on the volume and weight
             Amazon Locker (Whole Foods at     Walgreens Provide Delivery             Waste Management Act             of the leaves and grass collected.
             60th and O St.) May be size       Instructions                           requires that grass and leaves   During the winter months, resi-
             restrictions Amazon In-Home          These are just some options if      be separated from household      dents are encouraged to use
             Delivery (requires the purchase of  no one will be present to receive    trash from April 1 through       paper lawn bags for collecting and
             Amazon equipment)                 packages that are delivered.           November 30 of each year.        discarding leaves to avoid having
                UPS: Via UPS (UPD My                                                  During these months, the         them freeze to the bottom of plas-
             Choice) account: Have package         --- Lincoln Police Department      grass and leaves are diverted    tic waste bins.
                                                                                      to the City’s compost facility,     More information on the City’s
                                                                                      and local waste haulers charge   recycling program is available at
                                                                                      a separate fee for the yard
                            Illegal Immigrants Do Not                                 waste collection.
                              Collect Social Security
               My YouTube channel is               We can’t get much more
            absolutely inundated with           clear than that, which makes                     A Nice Letter to the Editor
            these kinds of comments. The        this myth an easy one to
            belief that illegal immigrants      bust. Illegal immigrants are             Dear Keith,  My husband met     town for seniors. I keep my issue
             can come to the United             not collecting nor can they           you handing out the "Lincoln       for future reference. Thanks  for
             States and immediately             collect Social Security bene-         55+" papers at farmers market      your efforts.
             receive Social Security bene-      fits.                                 downtown.  We give your quar-         Marianne Ostrand
             fits is simply not true.              https://www.marketwatch.c          terly newsletters out at First
                What is true is that citi-      om/story/these-7-social-secu-         Evangelical Covenant Church,          And this
             zenship is not required.           rity-myths-just-arent-true-no-        where we're in charge of the sen-     I picked up a bundle today &
             However, immigrants must be        matter-how-often-you-hear-            ior fellowship group.  We also     saw another man grab a few &
             lawfully present and must pay      them-2019-08-27?mod=retire-           share with our senior neighbors,   some ladies taking single copies.
             into the system for at least 10    ment                                  and we leave a few copies  at      I gave a few to older neighbors
             years.                             These 7 Social Security myths         doctor's office waiting rooms, at  already & will hand some out
               In short, they have to fol-        just aren’t true, no matter how     the N. Hyvee for the morning cof-  Sunday.  I'm glad they're adding
             low the same eligibility rules       often you hear them                 fee bunch and at Lancaster         more short stories & activities.
             as everyone else.                    Published: Nov 22, 2019             Manor if they run low.  We enjoy   Thanks for your efforts.
               The Congressional                                                      the recipes, knowing about              Marianne Ostrand for FIRST
             Research Service makes the         Devin Carroll runs his own firm,      upcoming  events and reading       EVANGELICAL COVENANT
             rules around Social Security         Carroll Investment                  short stories submitted by read-   CHURCH
             benefits for non-citizens very       Management, and blogs on            ers as well as information on
             clear when they say “If an           Social Security Intelligence,       services and discounts around           Thanks for kind words. Keith
             individual never obtains work        where this first appeared. He
             authorization, none of his or        also has written the book
             her Social Security covered          “Social Security Basics: 9
             earnings count toward quali-         Essentials That Everyone
             fying for benefits.”                 Should Know”.                                   Library Book Donations etc.
                                                                                      Books are often things with           receipt for your generosity.
                                                                                        which we do not easily part,        The goal with all donated
                                                                                        but we now have options that        items is to add them to the
               Rotary Strolling Garden (AKA Seniors Park)                               will make fall cleaning easier.     collection.   However, if the
                                                                                        Donate your treasured books         library collection doesn’t need
                Update on changes to the       year, and the expanded public            to Lincoln City Libraries.  Not     the donated items, they will be
             Rotary Strolling Garden           parking lot will be open to visitor      only will life be simpler, but      sold at the annual book sale
                When construction is com-      use.  Please let me know if you          your books will be in a better      or placed on the Book Nook
             plete on the Zoo expansion proj-  have additional questions.               place – the library. All book       shelves.
             ect there will be a public parking  Thanks! Lynn Johnson                   donations and proceeds from      Books should be in good condi-
             lot south of the Rotary Strolling                                          book sale benefit Lincoln City      tion and not exposed to
             Garden and east of the Hamann        and this:                             Libraries, enhance the collec-      smoke or water damage. If
             Rose Garden.  This parking lot       The name that we use for the          tion, and enable them to pur-       you have books to donate,
             is intended for use by visitors to  garden provided by the gift from       chase new materials.                please take them to:
             the Rotary Strolling Garden, the  Rotary 14 is the “Rotary Strolling     Lincoln City Libraries accepts     ·  Eiseley Branch, 1530 Superior,
             Hamann Rose Garden, the           Garden”.  New signage at the             books, CDs, DVDs, and other      ·  Gere Branch, 2400 S. 56, or
             Bicentennial Cascade Fountain     27th Street entrance to the              items that are part of the col-  ·  Walt Branch, 6701 S. 14th
             and the Sunken Gardens.  It will  Antelope Park Triangle includes          lection and you receive a tax       Street.
             have 60 parking spaces, includ-   this name.  We also plan to
             ing at least three dedication     place new signage with the
             handicap parking spaces.          same name at the south
             There will be curb ramps from     entrance to the garden.
             the parking lot to the adjoining                                           Steve’s travel tip #203: Take 2 pictures when
             walkway for wheelchair access,       Thank you for working with
             and there will be a new walkway   Zach to coordinate the spring                      you travel using your (i)Phone
             connection to the south side of   cleanup of the Rotary Strolling
             the Rotary Strolling Garden.      Garden.  We appreciate the con-           Parking lots will be full this  picture to the airline rep for easy
             Zoo staff anticipate that con-    tinuing partnership with Rotary        week so even if you are a sea-     identification.
             struction activities will wrap up  14.                                   soned traveler you will probably      Also, did you know about 7
             soon after the beginning of the      Lynn Johnson                        have to park in a place you nor-   out of every 10 bags are black?
                                                                                      mally don’t. Use your iPhone       If you have black luggage put a
                                                                                      and take a picture of your car     bright colored baggage tag,
                                                                                      and your parking stall. This way   strap or even yarn on it to make
                                                                                      when you return home you can       it easy to identify for you and,
                Lincoln Time and Temp - Call 402-476-9211                             easily remember where your car     even more, so that someone
                                                                                      is.                                else does not mistakenly grab
                Advertisers can Support        and cost $100 per month with a            Another great way to use        your bag thinking it is theirs.
             Lincoln’s Time and Temper-        3-month minimum. To promote            your phone is to take a picture       From Executive travel -
             ature phone system used by        your business on this system,          of your luggage. This weekend      Call our friendly travel advisors
             40,000 Callers per month. Your email Keith Larsen at                     thousands of bags will be lost. If    Lincoln – 402-435-8888
             ad will run 12 to 15 seconds               yours is lost you can show the        Toll-free 800-737-0582

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