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Book Review - Becoming                                                   Movies - by Jo Ann Wagner

                Review by guest                             the United States) are       The first movies I                           Bugs Bunny and
             book reviewer John                             noteworthy. First her     remember were held                              more.
             Krejci; Edited by                              commitment to her         outdoors in my home-                               Popcorn spread
             Linda Stephen                                  children is admirable.    town. Most people                               its tantalizing aroma
                I recently read                             She dedicated herself     brought blankets and                            throughout the the-
             Becoming by                                    to making their lives     sat on the ground to                            ater, just as it does
             Michelle Obama. As                             as “normal” as possi-     watch in the heat of                            now. We never
             a “white, privileged                           ble.                      the summer. These                               bought popcorn,
             male,” I learned the                              The role of First      movies were free to                             candy, or drinks at
             challenges that                                Lady provided a plat-     those who came to                               the theater because
             Michelle faced                                 form to speak out and     view them, courtesy of                          they were too
             throughout her life.                           act on issues that she    the local businesses. I                         expensive. But we
             One example:                                   thought important.        was very young and                              were so glad to get
             Despite Michelle’s                             She used her unique       don’t remember a lot                            to go to the movies
             excellent grades, her                          position to blaze a       of details.                                     that we didn’t care.
             high school counselor thought-     trail, make a difference and chal-       The next movies I remember          We occasionally went to the
             lessly said, “I don’t think you are  lenge stereotypes. Thinking “I am   were held in a theater in Norfolk.  drive in to see a movie. We
             Princeton material.”  Her reaction  good enough. I can do it,” she       Ma and Pa Kettle movies were a      parked in a spot beside a speak-
             epitomizes her lifelong responses  became Michelle Obama, the            family favorite.                    er on a post. The parking places
             to this racist/sexist affront. “I am  first African American First Lady.    In those days movies were on     were designed so that the front
             good enough. I can do it!”  She    I encourage you to read this          film that ran from one reel to      of the car was higher than the
             did go to Princeton, a predomi-    book.                                 another. Sometimes the film         back. That made it easier to see
             nately male, almost exclusively       Becoming by Michelle Obama         broke in two during the movie       the movie without craning our
             white world.                       was published in November 2018        and the audience began talking      necks. The speaker lifted off the
                As an African American          by Crown Publishing Group             while the screen was blank,         post and hooked on our car win-
             woman, a double minority, she      (hardcover, 448 pages, ISBN-13:       impatient for the movie to contin-  dow. We could adjust the volume
             was constantly put to the test.    978-1524763138). It is available      ue. The person running the pro-     to suit us. Sometimes we’d stop
             She knew that she would have to    at Lincoln City Libraries, at         jector taped the two pieces of      at a spot where the speaker
             do twice as well to be recognized  Francie & Finch Bookshop at 130       film back together as fast as pos-  didn’t work and we’d have to
             as competent.                      S. 13th St., and wherever books       sible so the film could continue.   drive to another.
                She had a plan. This served     are sold.                             We could tell where the film had       In the middle of the movie
             her well through school, at           Linda Stephen is a writer and      previously broken because of the    there was an intermission to give
             Princeton, Harvard Law and final-  origami artist in Lincoln. Join her   damaged quality of the film.        people time to go to the snack
             ly into an elite law firm on the   free LEXTalk origami workshop            Movies began with numbers        bar, a small building roughly in
             42nd floor of a Chicago high rise.  Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. at             and letters showing on the          the middle of the parking area
             She was well-paid and fought to    Lexington Assisted Living Center.     screen. After a short while, a      with restrooms as well as snacks.
             gain respect in a “good ole boys”  See more events at                    newsreel began. Now I wonder        The screen showed popcorn,
             world.                                     how old the “news” might have       candy and drinks that were avail-
                But then lightning struck. A       or reach her at                    been. The movie followed the        able. After a voice encouraged
             hotshot, African American     news. Then, it all concluded with   everyone to go to the snack bar
             Harvard law student, with an odd                                         a cartoon. Woody Woodpecker         several times, the voice came
             name had been assigned to her                                            was known for his particular        over the speaker letting people
             as an intern! To enjoy the love                                          song. Porky Pig let us know a       know how many minutes they
             story that turned her life upside                                        cartoon ended when he said,         had until the show resumed.
             down, you’ll need to read                                                “That’s all folks.” Popeye had         After the film was shown, it
             Chapters 8 and 9!                                                        large biceps from eating cans of    was rewound so it could be sent
                After Barack, Michelle’s life                                         spinach. Was healthy eating         to other theaters. I think the larg-
             plan took an abrupt turn. She quit                                       being promoted that long ago (in    er theaters received the new
             the elite, but dull job at the law                                       cartoons)? We also enjoyed Tom      films first, while the smaller ones
             firm.  When Barack graduated,                                            and Jerry, Donald and Daisy         had to wait their turn.
             she followed his community                                               Duck, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd,
             organizing dreams and took an
             even lower paying position with a
             nonprofit. Later came the political                                             Part Time work - Grounds Maintenance Tech 9q4
             campaigns. Michelle never had a                                                  NAI FMA Realty is searching for 1-2 dependable,
             passion for political campaigns or                                           self-motivated people to provide grounds maintenance
             politics. She went along, gave                                            duties at commercial properties in Lincoln. 15+ hours per
             him advice, and became a good
             partner in the struggles.                                                    week, flexible.     Call Scott Vyskocil at 402-441-5800.
                Several insights from her
             years as FLOTUS (First Lady of
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