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Chatelaine Residences

                                                                                                   55+ Mature -
                                                                                                      Independent Living Community

                                                                                                 Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle
                                                                                                in our secure, spacious apartments.
                                                                                       Adjacent to Holmes Lake                   Chatelaine
                                                                                         Affordable, Spacious                    Residences
                                                                                            Security Access                   6201 Normal Blvd.
                                                                                         Underground Parking                   Lincoln 486-4165
                                                                                           Large Party Room               Mon-Thurs. - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                                               with Kitchen                 Friday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
                                                                                       Social Activities & Coffees
                             Lincoln Church Listings
             Free - Send your church listing to -
                   Churches can Pick up the Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper
                    at Russ's Market at 17th and Washington Streets.                       A Culture of Caring - with Karla Frese

                Area code (402) unless marked    Grace Lutheran Church, Walton - 19     Here are a few                                     •   Family tree
                Summer times may vary                 11640 A Street, 489-8693       tips for managing                                  together create a
              Aldersgate United Methodist -19                                        stress and caregiv-                                family history book
                 Church 8320 South Street,               Sunday 10:00 am             ing during the holi-                               tracing lineages,
              489-1510,    Heritage Presbyterian Church 19
                     Sunday 8:30, 11                     880 South 35th St           days: Get a jump start                             photos, and history-
                                                    477-3401    on get-togethers being                             then share it digitally
               Annunciation Greek Orthodox
                   Christian Church - 19                  Sundays  10:30             well-prepared before                               with the rest of the
                  950 N. 63rd St. 464-4422        Holland Seventh Day Adventist  18  holiday gatherings                                 family.
                  22315 South 96th Street       help you cope with the                                •   Podcasts—
                                Holland, NE    402-792-2571     additional stress.                                 Help your loved
                 Sat 5:30 p.m.  Sunday 10:15               Saturdays at 9               Set aside time to                               ones download and
                    Calvary Chapel - 19         Northeast United Church of Christ 20  plan menus and gift                               play podcast, music,
                416 N. 66th Street   318-1701       6200 Adams Street, 466-0696      ideas—you can even                                 and meditation
                 cook some dishes                                      •   Send them
                        Sunday 10                          Sunday 10:30
                                                                                     together in advance                                Postagrams: Easily
                    Christ Lutheran - 19            Sheridan Lutheran Church  20     and freeze them. This                              upload photos and
                4325 Sumner Street, 483-7774      70th & Old Cheney    402-423-4769
             helps prevent the scramble to do it  send out postcards that include a
              Sunday 8, 9:30, 11, Monday 7 pm     Sat 5:30 pm   Sun 8:30, 9:45, 11am  all last minute.                   punch-out photo
                                                                                        Take a break Find time to break     •    Photo books using
               Church of the Holy Trinity - 20         Sts. Simon and Jude
                 6001 A St. (402) 488-7139        Eastern Orthodox Church.  20       free from the holiday hubbub and    Chatbooks, Wallgreens, or Shutterfly
             spend a few minutes relaxing           •    Nix Play Photo Frames:
                    Sundays 8 & 10:30              450 E Street -  (402) 327-1850    between events to stay centered and  Allows you to wirelessly upload pho-
               Sunday at 1pm Spoken in Dinka          Sat 5 pm  Sunday noon          balanced. Being relaxed and         tos to a digital frame. So you can
                      Thursdays 8am              St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - 19  refreshed can make all the difference  send your latest kid pics to grand-
             College View Seventh-day Adventist     2325 So. 24th Street, 435-2226   when it comes to caregiving and hav-  ma’s frame, and they just appear like
             4801 Prescott Avenue   402 486-2880      ing a happy and healthy holiday sea-  magic! Grandma doesn’t have to do
                    Sat. 5 pm Sun. 8, 10:30
                Saturdays 9:15 and noon.  20      Southern Heights Presbyterian 19   son.                                a thing.
                   Connecting Pointe    19          40th & Old Cheney, 421-3704,        Cooking, cleaning, shopping, chil-  •    Storyworth website: Sends
              1901 S. 70th Street     402-489-6578  Sunday 10:30  dren’s school events, office parties,  questions (you can select their ques-
                Southview Christian Church 19     family gatherings, and travel can   tions or add your own) and the recip-
                        Sunday  10                                                   combine to make the holidays stress-  ient can either call a number and
                                                  2040 South 22nd St. 402-476-6756
                  Eastridge Presbyterian -19  ful. The best way to beat holiday   record their answers, or type them in.
                 1135 Eastridge Drive, 488-7844            Sunday 10:30              stress, don’t do it alone.  Do you  It compiles the answers into a keep-
                                                          have a shopping list, let someone   sake book. Great for sharing stories
                      Sundays 9 & 11                 Temple Baptist Church.  20
                                                          4940 Randolph              help, shop online, and best yet have  from grandparents!
             First Evangelical Covenant Chur20    it delivered to minimize the stress of  •   Experiences as gifts: Make It
                6024 L Street, 489-8869.    20             402.483.4469
        crowds and parking lots. Plan ahead  Take It Art Center, Art Reach, Corky
                       Sunday 10:30                    Sunday 9:30 10:30, 6pm        with the Wunderlist App: Allows you  Canvas classes, create something
                  First Baptist Church - 19      Trinity United Methodist Church  18  to create and share lists of various  they will remember that you did
                  1340 K Street,   477-4198       7130 Kentwell Lane, 56th & Pinelake  kinds.                            together.
                       435-2946    •    Be realistic. Try not to put   •    See a movie together
                       Sunday 10:30                      Sunday 9 & 10:30            pressure on yourself to create the     •    Read the same book and
                                                                                     perfect holiday for your family. Focus  talk about it
                   First Presbyterian - 19              Trinity Lutheran    20
              840 South 17th Street, 477-6037           724 South 12th Street        instead on the traditions that make    •    Fitness, cooking, activity
          Sunday 8:00, 10:30   474-0606    holidays special for you. And remem-  classes together, check out OLLI!
              8:30 and 11 - Sudanese 12:30 pm  ber that just because it’s a holiday,  •  Prep Dish service—gives
              Good Shepherd Lutheran Church        Unitarian Church of Lincoln - 19  family problems don’t go away.  Be  you a meal plan, tells you what and
                3825 Wildbriar Lane  423-7639    402-483-2213   proactive, plan for support where you  how much to prep, gives recipes,
                      Sunday 10:00              anticipate a need.                  lists, etc. You can do most of the
              Sunday 8:00, 10:30 - Wed 6:30 - 19  United Lutheran Church (ELCA) 19                                       prepping on one day with your care-
              Good Shepherd Presbyterian - 19       5945 Fremont Street   466-2277      Here are a few favorite Holiday  giver and then weeknight meals are
                   8300 East Pointe Road,     Gift Ideas from Home Care           easier.
                        484-8844                      Sat 5:30   Sunday 9:30am
                             Unity Lincoln - 19          Partners of Nebraska caregivers.       •    Improve “Command Central”
                 10:30 / 10:00 a.m. Summers           1941 N. 68th St    476-6887       Give something meaningful. You   assist them with communication
                Grace Lutheran Church - 20         Sunday 10:30 -   can show love and caring with any  strategies that may include a white
                   2225 Washington St.,                                              gift that is intentional and personal.  board in the kitchen and an extra
                        474-1505                      Add your church here.          Give time instead of an expensive   large digital calendar day clock.
                                      Email                  gift to let people know how important  When you have holiday stress
                Saturday 5 pm, Sunday 9 am          they are to you. Make a phone call or  contact Home Care Partners 402-
                                                           To be listed,             write a note and share your feelings.  780-1211 and allow our caregivers to
                                                   Churches register every year         •    Personalized Calendar with  support your family and so you can
                                                                                     anniversary and birthdays           make memories.

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