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                      Antique Values: Knowing the Basics
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                   Collecting and Evaluating Foreign Coins                                         and I will help you with your transition.
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                by Tom Bassett -                                 and type in the
             Tom lives in Lincoln                                country, date and
             and is a member of the                              denomination.
             New England                                         That should get
             Appraisers Association                              you a picture of
                Collecting coins has                             your coin and a
             been a great pastime                                price someone
             for millions of people                              wants for their
             for centuries.  As                                  coin.
             Americans, we tend to                                 Since 1947,
             collect coins made by                               Britain has minted
             the U.S. Mints.                                     very few silver
             However, millions of                                coins for circula-
             Americans who are not                               tion.  The Federal
             necessarily coin collec-                            Republic of
             tors have coins from all                            German (West
             over the world,                                     Germany) last
             some from coun-                                     minted silver
             tries that no                                coins for circulation in
             longer exist, or                             1974.  Canada last mint-
             some depicting an                            ed silver coins in 1968.
             alphabet which is                            Mexico minted 100 Peso
             so different from                            coins out of silver as
             English that it is                           late as 1979.  By the
             difficult to know                            1970s the value of silver
             what nation mint-                            got too expensive for
             ed them.                                     most countries to make
                Among the sto-                                 coins out of silver.
             ries I hear most                                     If your coins are
             often are:  A.                                    copper or nickel
             These are coins we                                and do not pre-date
             didn’t spend on our                               1930, they are likely
             last trip to Europe,                              not worth too
             Canada or wherever.                               much.  Coins dated
             B.  These are coins                               after 1950 are the
             my dad brought home                               ones the grandkids
             after WWII, Korea or                              can take to school         (This image shows Lincoln in 1868.) Lincoln was originally
             Vietnam.  C.  My par-                             for show and tell.      known as Lancaster when it was founded in 1856. Its name was
             ents were world                                   To a nine-year-old,     changed in spite by Omaha officials who were bitter over losing
             travelers and                                     1958 is really old.     the state capital to the smaller city. They figured that, since the
             these are coins                                      The introduction     recently-assassinated Lincoln was an unpopular president at the
             from their travels.                          of the Euro into the         time in Nebraska, the new name might stop the move. It didn't
                You get the                               world of coins has made      work, of course, and Lincoln became the capital city.LUX
             idea.  Most peo-                             millions of pre-2000
             ple who ask for                              European coins worth
             my assistance in                             very little.  You cannot
             evaluating their                             even spend them.  The                     New Location for Lincoln Artsist’s Guild
             foreign coins have                           Euro is the currency for
             no idea if they                              19 of the 27 members of
             have anything of                             the European Union.
             value.  Since for-                                   Pictured with this
             eign money is                                     article are foreign
             such a broad topic, I                             coins some readers
             will share some facts                             may own.  The
             on coins from four                                value of these coins
             countries that I see                              depend on their sil-
             most often.  It is no                             ver content, condi-
             surprise that                                     tion and number
             Americans have lots of                            minted (none are
             Canadian and Mexican                              rare).
             coins.  Other coins I                                British Crown -
             see quite often are                               $34, Canadian
             coins from Great                                  Dollar - $16,
             Britain and Germany.  Americans     German 5 Marks - $2, Mexican             For 100 years the Lincoln        second gallery space may be
             travel to these countries and may   Peso - $4.                            Artists’ Guild has held shows,      used by our members for solo
             be part of their heritage.             Happy Coin Hunting!
                Here are a few of the basics if     To learn more, visit his web       meetings and promotions to cre-     shows, expanded gallery sales
             you have foreign coins.  Few        site             ate interest and enjoyment for the   and even rental space for artists
             coins dated after 1970 have sig-                                          Arts Community.  Having a           that are not members of the guild
             nificant value mostly                                                     gallery in which to call our own    for their own two month shows.
             because, like U.S.                                                        has always been a dream and         Our Christmas Boutique will kick
             coins, they do not con-     Bassetts' Appraisal Service                   with money held in trust with the   off our 1  reception on the Third

             tain silver and too                 We Appraise & BUY                     club for the purpose of creating    Friday on November 20th.  The
             many were minted to                                                       such a place, our dream has         gallery will be open from 12 – 8
             make them valuable.  If     Coins ‐ Old Jewelry ‐ Antiques                become a reality.  We have a        with art work and small Christmas
             your coins pre-date                                                       home, in the historic University    items for sale, with our second
             1970 and appear to be      
             silver, you may have                                                      Place.  Possession became a         reception on the First Friday on
             coins worth checking                402-484-8143                          reality on Monday November 2        December 4th from 12 – 8.
             out.  An easy way to do                                                   and we are excited to open our         Our regular gallery hours will
             that is to go to EBay                                                     doors to the public by the middle   be Wednesday, Thursday and
                                                                                       of November.                        Friday from 12 – 6 with first
                                                                                          Our address is 2634 North        Fridays of each month till 8, and
                                                                                       48  Street and our hours will       Saturdays from 1- 5 beginning
                                                                                       coincide with the LUX Center for    December 2.
                                                                                       the Arts.  As we get our legs          As always, due to the unset-
                                                                                       under us we are hoping for future   tling Pandemic we will require
                                                                                       collaborations with the area busi-  masks to be worn and sanitizing
                                                                                       nesses in creating an art district   stations will be available in our
                                                                                       in the northern part of Lincoln.    galleries.
                                                                                       We hope to hold more shows,            Check us out:
                                                                                       host workshops, and celebrate
                                                                                       Youth Art Month in March for           LincolnArtistsGuild
                                                                                       area schools.
                                                                                          We will have two suites dedi-         by Carmen Stineman
                                                                                       cated to gallery spaces, one will        Lincoln Artists’ Guild
                                                                                       house works for sale and our
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