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ALLO TV Solutions

             Founded in Imperial, Nebraska     back options. You can also record
          in 2003, ALLO specializes in pro-    and view recordings from any TV
          viding world-class communications    in the house. If  DVR isn’t for you,
          services by creating gigabit com-    try out our Restart TV feature. This
          munities. In 2004, ALLO began        lets you rewind and watch the last
          building its first fiber communities,   four hours of live  programming on
          and today provides ubiquitous fiber  our most popular channels. You
          networks in twelve communities       don’t have to hit the ‘record’ button
          supported by more than 500 asso-     or use up valuable  DVR storage.
          ciates. ALLO provides internet,         Watch TV Everywhere allows
          telephone, and TV solutions to       you to watch your favorite chan-
          businesses, residents, and govern-   nels anytime, anywhere. All you
          mental entities over fiber networks.  need is an  internet connection
          ALLO currently has operations in     and a computer, smartphone, or
          Lincoln, Hastings, North Platte,     tablet to watch live, streaming TV.
          Norfolk, Ogallala, Imperial,         Whether you’re  at home, on vaca-
          Bridgeport, Scottsbluff, Gering,     tion, or stuck at the airport, ALLO
          and Alliance, Nebraska, and Fort     is there for you streaming live
          Morgan, and Breckenridge             sports, ad-free music  channels,
          Colorado.                            even cartoons. The service is free
             Recently, other providers have    for our TV customers.  With more
          decided to do away with traditional   than 90 of your favorite  channels
          cable TV service as the trends       available everyone is sure to find
          move  toward streaming services.     something they enjoy.
          We want you to have options. Our        At ALLO we know everyone’s
          Fiber TV lets you watch what you     budget, preferences, and channel
          want,  when you want. Finding the    surfing habits are a little different.
          best fit for you and your family’s   We  know traditional cable is easi-
          TV needs is possible with ALLO.      est for some, and others want to
          You can  depend on us to provide     pick and choose their channels.
          a variety of options, from our       Over the top options are media
          locals-only package, to basic TV,    services offered directly to our
          to an expanded  lineup, you even     customers through their internet
          have the option to add premium       connection.
          channels if you’re looking for          Providing a reliable, ALLO TV
          more.                                option, while partnering with a reli-
           Our fiber TV features include:      able over the top company means
              High Definition                  you get   to have choices, and
              Whole Home DVR                   your service experience is tailored
              Restart TV                       to you and your family.
              Watch TV Everywhere                 All of this paired with our
              Sling TV                         friendly, local support team equals
             You can keep your cable TV,       an exceptional choice.  No matter
          sign up to stream with Sling TV, or   what you love to watch, ALLO fiber
          even combine the two for a           TV has it. From our locals-only
          catered  to you, entertainment       package, to our expanded  line-
          experience.                          up, and streaming options, enjoy
             With ALLO’s Whole Home DVR        more TV options with ALLO!
          you can record up to 4 shows at         To learn more: Search on ALLO
          once from any TV with up to 450
          hours of  storage and easy play-     Or Call 402-480-6667.

                                         The Vibrant Life

                                    Of Lincoln Nebraska !

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