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find any possible connection to
                                                  the life of a town and its people.
                                                  And, possibly, to learn if a family
                                                  story is being told there. More
                                                  clues are revealed, about death
                                                  and departure.
                                                     Their mother is struggling
                                                  through depression that threat-
                                                  ens her spirit and her future. Her
                                                  daily mission is simply to get by
                  The GrandDad Tree  by           while holding her family together.
                     Thomas Dobbins -             She tries to deflect challenges
                 This novella is "a fable, a fic-  thrown at her one after another,
              tion, a fantasy, a mystery, about   by her children, including daugh-
              a family, about heartache... and,   ter Rachael who chooses escape
              sharing God's peace and love."      over family.
              It’s a story of seekers and wan-       This is Lincoln resident Tom
              derers. There are faith questions,   Dobbins’ first book in print. He
              and questions lead to answers.      has completed a children’s
                 Young siblings--aged 23 and      adventure novel, “Leapers.”  For
              12--wander into a previously        purchase, please call 316-993-
              undiscovered site within their      7679 Or send details to: tmitch-
              small town. Colt and Daron
              return with just enough puzzles        Buy two for $20 and have
              and dead-ends to know only that     them signed. The eBook is avail-
              they must re-visit “the place” and   able through the usual services.

                                              Share stories with   your Grandchildren

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