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“The Doctor Is In”
                                                                                                                                Lori Wilkinson
                   Myth Debunked:
                                                                                                                           Location Real Estate, LLC
            You Can Get COVID-19 Again                                                                                   Realtor, Partner, GRI, SRES,
              by Dr. Anthony Hatcher,                                                                                            402-570-4687
               Chief Medical Officer,                                                                         
              Hillcrest Health Services                                                       I’M A SENIORS REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST ®
             Coronavirus is a “Novel” virus,                                          Every transition is an opportunity, regardless of your stage in
          meaning we have never experi-                                                life. By partnering with an SRES® like me during your home
          enced anything like this before.                                             search, you’ll gain the help and experience of a REALTOR®
          Our research is evolving, and                                                     specialized in meeting the needs of home buyers
          we’re learning more and more                                                    and sellers 50+.          I am pleased to be your SRES®.
          every day about COVID-19.
          Unfortunately, we now know you
          can contract COVID-19 more than
          once, and it could be sooner than
          you think.
             According to the Centers for
          Disease Control and Prevention,
          once an individual has recovered    to last for a longer period.
          from COVID-19, it is believed the      It’s advised that you don’t test
          individual is unable to get it back   individuals again until after 90
          for 90 days. However, we have       days from the initial infection to
          seen a few cases where individu-    better the accuracy of the results.
          als have been re-infected within    Unfortunately, there have been
          the first 90 days. Overall, we      cases where individuals have
          believe that you develop antibod-   recovered and then after 90 days
          ies after you have the initial infec-  test positive again as a new infec-
          tion, and those antibodies will pro-  tion.
          tect you for up to 90 days. Recent     No matter the case – wear a                                                     2825 North
          research shows that some individ-   mask, social distance, wash your
          uals may have immunity for up to    hands frequently and take all of                                                      14th St.
          eight months.                       the precautions you can to pre-
             Research is also showing that    vent the spread.
          individuals who are asymptomatic
          or who had minimal symptoms
          tend to develop a less-
          er immune response,
          and therefore, not as
          many antibodies.
          Those are the individu-
          als who tend to be re-
          infected sooner.
          Individuals who have
          had a severe infection
          (and have a greater
          immune response) typ-   See ad on Page 25
          ically have more anti-
          bodies, and they tend

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