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and coin grading serv-
                                                        ices have agreed
                                                        upon specific defini-
                                                        tions, descriptions,
                                                        and Sheldon's numer-
                                                        ic values that help
                                                        coin collectors and
                                                        dealers describe their
                                                        coins accurately to
                                                        each other. Also, look
                                                        at real coins to help
                                                        you understand these
                                                           terms and descrip-
                                                           tions so you can
                                                           accurately grade
                                                           your Peace Silver
                                                           Grades - Peace
                                                           Silver dollars are
                                                           large coins that are
                                                           made out of silver
                                                           that is soft and
            Grading Peace silver dollars is  Although silver is easy to strike,
          a skill that has taken even the top  the large size of the coin makes it
          coin collectors many years to per- challenging to get a full impres-
          fect. The best way to start learn-  sion. Additionally, the large
          ing how to grade Peace dollars is  scale of the coin also makes it
          by looking at these pictures and   susceptible to nicks and bag
          pictures and studying the expla-   marks.
          nations.                              The photo above illustrates the
            Remember that coin grading is  highest points on the Peace Silver
          the expression of an opinion that   dollar design—indicated by the
          describes the condition of an indi- color red. If you think you have
          vidual coin that most dealers and  an  Peace Silver dollar, look at
          coin collectors would agree with.   these areas on the coin first to
          Grading Peace silver dollars is    see if you can spot any wear. If
          not an exact science. Therefore, a  there is wear, then it is not uncir-
          procedure cannot be applied        culated https://www.thespruce-
          where everyone comes out with
          the same result. Numismatists      dollars-768395

            Now, at Francie and Finch
            Lifelong Lincoln Resident and                                               Cochlear Implant Research Lab is Seeking
          author of Detour Nebraska and                                                           Adult Research Participants
          A History Lover’s Guide to
          Lincoln, Gretchen Garrison                                                   submitted by Kelcey Buck at the
          offers insider tips to our great                                          UNL Department of Special
          capital city!                                                             Education & Communication
          Try the specialty German beef                                             Disorders
            cabbage sandwich or                                                        The Cochlear Implant Research
          bite into a gourmet burger at a                                           Lab at the University of Nebraska-
            chain named in honor of Abe.                                            Lincoln’s Barkley Memorial
          Attend the June music outdoor                                             Center needs adults over the age
                                                                                    of 55 to participate in a research
            concerts that now attract inter-                                        study at the lab.
            national performers.                                                       Participants in the study must
          Spin the wheels at the National                                           have normal hearing and be native
            Museum of Roller Skating.                                               speakers of American English. It
          Walk around the only tractor                                              requires one visit to the Barkley
            testing facility in North                                               Center of less than one hour for a
            America built in 1920 housed                                            hearing screening test and a cognitive
            in the Larsen Tractor Test &                                            screening test. Participants will be com-
            Power Museum.                                                           pensated $15 per hour to complete the
                                                                                    study, plus additional compensation for
                                                                                    travel based on mileage from the resi-            See Ad
                                                                                    dence to the lab.
                                                                                       This is part of a study being conduct-     on Page 24
                                                                                    ed at the Cochlear Implant Research
                                                                                    Lab to better understand how adults
                                                                                    with cochlear implants perform on a
                                                                                    cognitive screening test compared to
                                                                                    adults with normal hearing. The cogni-
                                                                                    tive screening tests measure thinking
                                                                                    and memory skills.
                                                                                       To schedule a time to participate,
                                                                                    contact the Cochlear Implant
                                                                                    Research Lab at or 402-472-3950.
                                                                                       For more information about the study, contact lab director and
                                                                                    associate professor in Special Education and Communication
                                                                                    Disorders Michelle Hughes at

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