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                5  - From the Editor                                                 20 - Life Coach ................................... Georgia Feiste

                5  - A Backwards Glance ... Jo Ann Wagner                            21 - Lincoln Libraries .......................... Gail McNair
                6  - News / Classified Ads                                           24 - On the Farm  ............                 ....... Cliff Lowell
                7  - Book Review .................. Linda Stephen                    24 -
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               14 - Real Estate Tips .................. Bill Budler
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               14 - Pets ..................... Allison Hunter-Frederick

                From the Editor - Keith Larsen                                                  Cover Art - Peace Pipe

             I wonder how many people will                                            After a long year of fighting the   ter comes, I go
          be travelling for the holidays even                                      virus and worrying about the 2020   far south. I go
          though we know the Covid infec-                                          election, the thought of a peace    south with the
          tions are on the rise?                                                   Pipe might bring us together        birds. Here is
             My sister, Marlette, sent out                                         again. Please, find your peace      my pipe. It has
          invitations to our family members                                        and then pass the idea              strong power.
          for a gathering in her home near                                         on to others. - Editor              Take it and
          Des Moines for Christmas this                                               This Great Northern Railroad     keep it. After
          year. The offer was made prior to                                        Calendar Page was created by        this, when first
          the worst days of the covid                                              F. Winold Reiss. (1886-1953)        I come in the
          pandemic.  I need advice.                                                A German-born American, Reiss       spring you
             My brother and his wife are                                           lived for several years among the   shall fill this pipe and light it, and
          flying in from Alaska for two                                            Blackfoot Indians on their reser-   you shall smoke it and pray to
          weeks spanning the Christmas                                             vation in Northern Montana adja-    me; you and the people. I bring
          and New Year holidays. We                                                cent to Glacier National Park.      the rain which makes the berries
          appreciate the commitment on                                             Reiss provided art classes and      large and ripe. I bring the rain
          their for making the trip. Should                                        instruction to many artists in sev-  which makes all things grow, and
          they cancel of defer their flight?   surprise. During their visit, we    eral tribes. This framed print is for   for this, you shall pray to me; you
             My wife and I are considering    called Jim and Nancy in Alaska.      sale at the Metro Gallery, 1316 N   and all the people. Thus, the peo-
          how to manage the visit if they     Our long conversation was joy-       Street in Lincoln.                  ple got their first medicine pipe. It
          come? We’d like to invite Jim and  filled and fun as we opened gifts        There is a story of how the      was long ago.
          Nancy to Lincoln for a few days.    via long distance. Family time       Peace Pipe came to us from             By George Bird Grinnell, 1913.
          If we do, when would be the         together (and apart) is a great      Thunder. This snippet shares the    Compiled and edited by Kathy
          safest time period? At the begin-   experience.                          conclusion.  Editor.                Weiser/Legends of America.
          ning of their trip or at the end?      So you know, all of my family        “Now,” said the Thunder, “you                 Full story -
             They will traverse three air-    members are wearing their            know me. I have great power. In
          ports and fly on two airplanes and  masks and staying social dis-        summer I live here, but when win-            na-thunderpipe/
          rent a car. That adds up to six     tanced whenever possible. We do
          occasions where they will have to  hear they are doing everything          Time, Elbow Grease and Love - by Jo Ann Wagner
          trust their masks and social dis-   they can to minimize the risk.
          tancing to keep them safe. If they   Even so, one family member (not         In the autumn we                             was made in a cake
          are infected during the journey it   coming on this trip) did “catch the   often made fresh                               pan with a pie crust
          will take a few days before they    Vid.”. So we know that even care-     apple pie. The crust                            bottom topped with
          are shedding the virus in signifi-  ful people can get sick.              consisted of lard, flour                        sliced apples. A mix-
          cant amounts. Maybe we should          So, do we opt out of every-        and salt rolled out with                        ture of sugar, cinna-
          invite them to drive west to        thing this year? Do we visit on       a rolling pin and                               mon, sour cream
          Lincoln when the arrive.            Christmas eve and day? We             placed in a pie tin. The                        and coconut topped
             On the other hand, if they do    could extend our stay, but should     second crust was                                the apples. It
          catch the virus, we would most      we? How much does that                rolled out to put on                            seemed a little
          likely find out within 5 to 14 days.   increase the risk? What about      top. Any leftover pie                           unusual, but I found
          Perhaps we should invite them to    hosting? Will a decision to stay      crust was baked with                            it addictive.
          visit us in Lincoln near the end of   home be seen poorly by family       sugar on it for a treat.                           A German choco-
          their stay if they are still well.    members?                            We didn’t waste any-                            late cake with
             When they are in Waukee,            Many 55+ readers will see this     thing.                                          coconut and pecan
          should we feel obligated to join    article before (and after) the holi-     We peeled the                                frosting tasted great.
          everyone for  Christmas? Our trip   days. I would love to hear from       apples, often having to                         The bar of Baker’s
          is less than 180 miles compared     you regarding your thoughts,          cut out worms and bad                           chocolate was melt-
          to a 2,672 mile flight for them.    decisions, and the outcome.           spots as well as the core.         ed over a double boiler. I remem-
             We certainly enjoy the times     Please email me at:                   Sometimes the apples were small  ber the dry ingredients had to be
          we share with family and recall           and there seemed to be more        added alternately with sour milk,
          fondly a wonderful holiday                                                peelings than apple. One by one    which we soured by adding
          experience last year. Our niece      FYI    Lincoln - 287,401 people      we sliced them and put them in     lemon juice or vinegar to the milk.
          and nephew showed up as a nice       Covid Deaths - Over 290,000          the crust, sprinkling with cinna-  We cooked the frosting. It was a
                                                                                    mon and sugar after each addi-     time-intensive process, but so
                                                                                    tion. My mother insisted on put-   worth it.
                                                                                    ting in as many apples as possi-      Around Christmas we often
                                    Advertise Your -Business                        ble. Her pies were thick. I figured   made fudge. It involved mixing
                                    Advertise Your -Business
                                                   in the                           it took an hour to get a pie ready   sugar, cocoa and cream in a
                                                   in the
                                    Lincoln 55+ Seniors  Paper                      to go into the oven and another    sauce pan. We turned the heat
                                    Lincoln 55+ Seniors  Paper
                                                                                                                       on and waited for it to boil. When
                                                                                    hour to bake it.
                                          Call 402-742-0132                            My mother noticed that one of   we thought it might have reached
                                          Call 402-742-0132
                                                                                    my aunts made an apple pie that    the soft ball stage, we began test-
                                24,000+ Readers -15,000 Copies                      she liked better than her own.     ing it by dropping a little from a
                                Distributed in and around Lincoln.                  Mom asked her sister-in-law how    spoon into a cup of cold water. If
                                                                                    she did it. The response was,      it stayed stringy looking, it wasn’t
                                   Published early in                               “You don’t live on a farm, so you   ready. When it made a soft ball, it
                                                                                    can’t afford it.” Eventually my    was ready to take off the heat.
                       March, June, September, December                             aunt told my mother the secret     The fudge was allowed to cool.
                                                                                    ingredient was sour cream. Since   Then we beat it with a spoon until
                                 Target Audience:                                   my father received milk and        it lost its gloss. We’d add nuts if
                                                                                    cream from some of his cus-
                                                                                                                       we wanted, and then hurried to
                       55+ Seniors and their Families                               tomers in payment for his work     get it in a pan before it was too
                                                                                    on their cars, and the cream       stiff. (If the fudge formed a hard
            Ad Rates  See                                     sometimes went sour before it      ball when we tested it, we had
                                                                                    was used, it was affordable after   overcooked the fudge.)
                                                                                    all. All our apple pies had sour      As I think back, I believe the
               Email -                                      cream from then on.                main ingredients in all our recipes
                                                                                       Another apple favorite of mine   were time, elbow grease, and

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