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Chatelaine Residences                                        A Culture of Caring - with Karla Frese

                                                                                       "All I Want for                              est  pics and videos
                                                                                    Christmas Is You"                               to grandma’s frame,
                                                                                    as Mariah Carey is                              and they just appear
                                                                                    singing, our hearts                             like magic for your
                                                                                    go out to families                              loved ones to see
                                                                                    who are away from,                              and hear you.
                                                                                    quarantined, or not                                - Feed their soul.
                                                                                    allowed because of                              Many seniors are
                                                                                    visitation restrictions                         spending more time
                                                                                    to see their loved                              alone and some have
                                                                                    ones.  There are still                          lost a lot of weight
                                                                                    ways we can make                                because they are not
                                                                                    special connections                             eating.  We have
                                                                                    together! The follow-                           found if we make a
                                                                                    ing are a few ideas from the        meal or dessert together as an
                                                                                    Home Care Partners care team.       experience it is improving both
                                                                                    Work on a family tree together.     nutritional needs and has psy-
                                                                                    You can do this virtually and get   chosocial benefits.  Our care-
                        55+ Mature -                                                everyone involved.                  givers enjoy sharing this mean-
                                                                                       - Trace your family history
                                                                                                                        ingful moment by  creating your
                           Independent Living Community                             together. Create a family history   own DIY prep dish service with a
                                                                                    book tracing lineages, memoirs,     family member or a home care
                      Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle                            photos, and history- then share     companion. Start by looking
                    in our secure, spacious apartments.                             the information and stories with    through favorite cookbooks, pick
                          ----                                                      the rest of the family during the   a recipe, create a shopping lists,
                                                                                    holidays.  Experience together
                                                                                                                        and meal prep together. Put in
            Adjacent to Holmes Lake                   Chatelaine                    the Storyworth website. It sends    Tupperware for single servings or
              Affordable, Spacious                                                  questions and the recipient can     make extra and share with a
                                                      Residences                    either record their answers, or     neighbor!
                 Security Access                   6201 Normal Blvd.                type them in. It compiles the         Additional gift ideas:
                                                                                    answers into a keepsake book.
                                                                                                                          - Increase safety with wear-
              Underground Parking                  Lincoln 486-4165                 Great for sharing and passing       ables.  The newest smartwatches
                Large Party Room                                                    down stories from grandparents!     also include: GPS trackers, fit-
                                               Mon-Thurs. - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                                       - Personalize a calendar with
                    with Kitchen                 Friday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.           all the family anniversary, birth-  ness monitors, SOS emergency
                                                                                                                        buttons, two-way calling, audio
            Social Activities & Coffees                                             days, and special dates. – Has      monitoring, and health metrics.
                                                                                    someone recently moved? Order         - Handyman Homefit modifi-
                                                                                    them a return address stamp or      cations. Is there a product or fea-
              Show Gratitude for the Gift of Life                                   labels they will use for their 2021   ture that would improve the safety
                                                                                    cards.                              in a lifelong home? Can you help
                 By Wendy Hamilton             or new age axioms can be just as        - Connect with technology.       to install an adjustable hand-held
                in the Juneau Empire           toxic as dwelling on the negative.   Whether you are near or far help    showerhead, D-shaped drawer
             I once heard a man answer the  Pain, grief, anger and disappoint-      them feel the holiday spirit        pulls, task or sensor lightings,
          question "How are you?" with         ment are natural human emotions      through- music.  You can make a     door levers, grab bars, or
          "Can't complain, though I'd like     that need a healthy outlet. In addi-  video call if they need help with   handrails on both sides of a stair-
          to!" It's human nature to complain   tion, depression caused by neuro-    technology, schedule the call dur-  case.
          and life always seems to give us     chemical imbalances needs pro-       ing a caregiver or companion visit    - Improve “Command
          plenty to complain about.            fessional intervention. To suggest   so that you can facetime, Skype,    Central” with virtual assistants
          Specifically for me, Juneau's rainy  to someone suffering with depres-    zoom, etc.                          such as a smart speakers with
          weather and the high cost of elec-   sion or grief to just "think positive"   Scan and upload their           Alexa and Google voice control.
          tricity and gas is plenty of fuel to   is to do them a great disservice.   Photos into digital books using    Or assist them with communica-
          operate my complaint machine.           However, I am suggesting that     Chatbooks, Walgreens, or            tion strategies that may include a
             Studies show a certain amount     even when experiencing a difficult   Shutterfly.  If your loved one has   large calendar/white board in the
          of complaining actually bonds        or painful time in our lives, we can   albums of printed photos, now is   kitchen and a large digital calen-
          people together and helps them       still love the gift of life. Just as in   a great time to scan and upload.    dar day clock.
          not to feel alone in their struggles.   any love relationship there are   This is also a great way to pro-
          However, it can be useful to         periods we are more deeply in        vide Reminiscence therapy down        Our team is going above and
          examine when complaining is a        love and happy and periods that      the road! Along the lines of digital   beyond to make this holiday spe-
          harmless bonding behavior, and       are more challenging, it doesn't     photography a great family gift     cial for clients with personalized
          when it becomes toxic to oneself     mean we stop loving.                 idea is a frame that connects to    and meaningful moments. If  you
          and others.                             How do we cultivate gratitude     the internet. Nix Play Photo        have holiday stress or you are not
             One way to re-channel the         for the gift of life? One way is to   Frames: Allows you to wirelessly   able to be with your loved ones
          mental, emotional and spiritual      say or write a "gratitude alphabet"   upload photos, record and send     as much this time of the year con-
          energy that is drained by toxic      - naming one thing you are grate-    messages to a digital frame. So     tact Home Care Partners 402-
          complaining is to cultivate grati-   ful for starting with each letter in   you can send via email your lat-  780-1211.
          tude for the gift of life.           the alphabet. By the time I get to
             Life is a gift. Not a "vale of    "Xeroxes" and "Zebras" I always
          tears" to be endured until we die.   feel better. Another way is to write           Pipe Ceremony                                    Chief
          With every breath we have a new      a thank you note or send a card         The pipe is very sacred to First                         Red
          opportunity to see this truth, if we   to a friend.                       Nations people. In the past, it was
          choose. Another response I've           One can also review their day     used to open negotiations between dif-                     Cloud
          heard to the question "How are       at night, making either a written or   ferent nations as a way for good talk                    with a
          you?" illustrates this concept. An   verbal list of things they are grate-  to take place. This ceremony was also                    Peace
          elderly gentleman replied cheer-     ful for that day, even and espe-     regarded as the way by which partici-                       Pipe
          fully, "Well, I'm vertical and I'm   cially for the gift of breathing and   pants would be truthful, respectful and
          breathing!"                          the opportunity to live another      abide by the decisions and agree-
             I learned this lesson firsthand a  day.                                ments that were made during the
          few years ago. I was recovering         Another method is to pray,        meeting time. Tobacco that has been
          from major back surgery at the       meditate or contemplate on some-     blessed through prayer is normally
          same time my younger sister was      thing or someone you love, for       used for the ceremony.
          bedridden and dying of cancer. I     example, a person, an animal, or        After all preparations are accom-
          would take slow, painful walks       a sunset. Visualize filling your     plished, the ceremony can start. The
          every day to rebuild my strength.    heart with love, allowing Light to   participants sit in a circle with the pipe
          One day while walking I was          fill the core of your being. Then    carrier. Amongst some First Nations,
          silently grousing to myself about    share that love with others as you   the men sit in an inner circle and the
          how slow my recovery was going,      go forth into your daily life. Look   women sit in an outer circle; in others,
          when it hit me - "Be grateful for    for an opportunity to help another   all sit in one circle.  The helper places
          this step, be grateful for this      person, make an effort to say a      the sacred tobacco into the pipe and
          breath!" I realized I would slowly   kind word.                           lights it in front of the pipe carrier.
          get better and better, while my         Chronic complaining can              The pipe carrier, who is the host of the ceremony, says prayers to
          sister had lost the gift of walking   become a mental habit, a rut in a   seven cardinal points: the Four Directions; the Above or Spirit World;
          and would soon lose the gift of      path of the mind. Gratitude can      the Below or Mother Earth; and the Centre or all living things.
          breathing. It was a profound and     also become a habit. Every breath       The pipe is then passed to the participants for them to either touch
          deep awareness that I've never       is another opportunity to think or   or smoke it. The passing of the pipe can be repeated several times.
          forgotten.                           say, "Thank you for the gift of life."   The tobacco is then allowed to “die” and the pipe is disassembled to
             Love the gift of life. This is not    Wendy Hamilton is a clergy       be returned to the bundle until the next ceremony. After this, the pipe
          to suggest a Pollyanna approach      member of Eckankar, The              carrier may speak a few words of gratitude about life and expecta-
          to life. Trying to escape painful    Religion of the Light and Sound.     tions; each participant is also invited to speak such words; and the
          emotions with false cheerfulness                                          ceremony is considered closed.      Edited from William Asikinack
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