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Christmas Gifts

                                                                                       Tile Stickers technology pre-
                                                                                    vents seniors from losing every-
                                                                                    day items. The Tile Sticker is
                                                                                    small enough to be placed on a
                                                                                    TV remote, wallet, keys, and
                                                                                    other easily-misplaced house-
                                                                                    hold items. Glucose readers,
                                                                                    Hearing aid battery box. You
                                                                                    could even place it on a pet col-  Bluetooth range of 400 feet.
                                                                                    lar. When you need to find your    Additional features:
                                                                                    items, use the company’s app on    Waterproof
                                                                                    your phone. Size is about 1 inch   3-year battery life
                                                                                    in diameter. The app is free to    Free shipping
                                                                                    use for our core finding features   30-day guarantee
                                                                                    like ring my Tile, find my phone,     Price:
                                                                                    see its location on a map, share   4 pack for $59.99
                                                                                    with a friend, and community find.  Google “The Sticker”
                                                                                       The PRO Sticker is ideal for
                                                                                    valuable items and has a           /en-us/store/tiles/sticker

                                                                                    Handyman Connection of Lincoln - 402-875-9696
                                                                                         Here to connect you to quality Craftsman
                                                                                                       for your next project
                                                                                           SERVICES WE OFFER - Aging in Place,
                                                                                      Carpentry, Decks, Drywall, Electrical, Fences,
                                                                                    Maintenance & Installations, Painting, Plumbing,
                                                                                      Remodeling, Shelves, Storage, Tile & Flooring

                                    Homestead National Monument of America Celebrates the Holidays

             National Park Service at                                                    Festival showcases the       National Monument of America,
          Homestead National                                                             diverse traditions of people  either onsite or virtually.
          Monument of America                                                            who immigrated to the           Homestead National Monument
          remembers the many lega-                                                       United States on the prom-   of America also has a robust vol-
          cies of the Homestead Act                                                      ise of the Homestead Act.    unteer program that plays a funda-
          of 1862.  The grounds fea-                                                     This event                   mental role in all aspects of the
          ture over 100 acres of                                                         runs from Saturday,          monument.  They have spots avail-
          restored tallgrass prairie, a                                                  November 28  and will run  able for both remote and in person
          historic homestead cabin                                                       until Sunday, January 3,     volunteers.
          built in 1867, a historic                                                      2021.                           If you are interested in volun-
          one-room school built in                                                          The Winter Festival of    teering please email Amber
          1872, historic archives, 3                                                     Prairie Cultures features    Kirkendall at  or contact via phone
          miles of trails, and two visi-                                                 decorated trees, and table-  at (402)223-3514.  There are a
          tor centers.  The monu-                                                        top displays that feature    wide variety of needs and continue
          ment was created by an                                                         ornaments and hand-made  to create new opportunities based
          Act of Congress in 1936,                                                       crafts, and presentations.    on individuals interests and skills.
          as effort to remember the                                                      These displays and presen- Some available opportunities
          national significance of the                                                   tations reflect the spirit of   include: Craft/trade demonstrators,
          Homestead Act.                                                                 hope, humor, traditions, and  historic reenactors, transcription of
             The Homestead Act                                                           generosity that character-   oral histories, guest services, his-
          provided an opportunity to                                                     ized winter celebrations in   torical research assistance, social
          earn 160 acres of land if                                                      the West.  Visit:  to learn   media assistance, and family
          the claimant improved the land,     er.  That adds up to as many as 1  more.  Please visit the Homestead  genealogists.
          built a shelter, and lived on the   in 3 Americans.
          land continuously for 5 years. The     The Homestead National
          Homestead Legislation went into     Monument of America also offers
          effect in 1863 but, did not end until  multiple events that have activities
          1986 in Alaska.  The Homestead      and displays to explore both virtu-
          Act fundamentally changed the       ally and in person.  These events
          landscape of the United States and  explore the many impacts of the
          the evidence of its impact is every- Homestead Act.  There current
          where. Fields of straight crops now  event is the Winter Festival of
          replace the once-abundant prairie   Prairie Cultures.  The Winter
          grass. 30 out of the 50 states had
          land that was developed through
          this Act.  Over 10% of all land in
          the United States was developed
          through the Homestead Act.  As a
          result, over 93,000,000 Americans
          are descended from a homestead-

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