Space Due Date:
Spring: FEB 10
Mar 1 - Jun 1
Summer: MAY 10 Jun 1 - Sept 1
Fall: AUG 10
Sept 1 - Dec 1
Winter: NOV 10
Dec 1 - Mar 1

stacks of Lincoln 55+ Seniors Papers 

Lincoln 55+ Gets Results!

Here's what a few advertisers have to say about the publication:

Lincoln 55+ is an independent, locally-owned quarterly publication targeted for Lincoln’s active older adult market. The paper runs a wide variety of articles and is designed to showcase products, services, and activities geared for older adults ages 55 and up.

What’s Inside?

Printing & Distribution

Lincoln 55+ prints 16,000 copies quarterly in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Distribution spans the first two months with about 100 remaining after 3 months. We estimate 25,000 readers per issue. The 55+ can be found in over 200 traffic locations within Lincoln. Included are all the usual 55+ Hang-outs: fitness centers, grocery store (publication racks), restaurants, retirement communities, senior centers, hospitals and more. Over 30 Churches pick up and deliver papers for their senior members. Lincoln 55+ is also available in the bright red Lincoln Free Publication Association rack systems located throughout Lincoln.

Plus, Large Type for Easy Reading!


Lincoln 55+ was started Spring of 2001!




Cover Art from Past Issues

Display Ad Rates:

Ad Size: Rate Contract*
Full Page $1200 $960
Double $750 $600
Standard** $500 $400
Half-size $330 $264

* Contract pricing requires multiple placements during the year.

Add Color for $60 per issue.

Full page ads $120 per issue

See full Rate Sheet for graphic design rates, classified ads, business card ads and event ads.

Ad Sizes:

Page Area: Sq. In. Width x Height:
Full Page 160 10" x 16"
Double 60 10" x 6"
Double 60 5" x 12"
Standard** 305" x 6"
Half-size 155" x 3"
Half-size 15 2.5" x 6"