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Tom Bassett Appraisal Service: Read articles from Tom's Website

Men Among Giants


Men Among Giants

More than just baseball, this novel by Lincoln resident Kent Krause, Men Among Giants tells the story of two minor league pitchers in Nebraska during the 1994 baseball season. Read more ...

Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes

Read a short excerpt from the book researched by Mark Musick.

Whispers of the Greybull

an excerpt from Chapter 19 from Stephen M. Smart's Western book.

Marion's Journey

a chapter from Richard Budig's new book Memoirs Of A Pawnshop Romantic.


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The Swing Music of Betty Nieveen. After a lifelong love of swing music, Betty's dream of composing and producing a CD album came true with "My Songs - the Music of Betty Nieveen." CD ordering instructions are on the site.
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